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knit me more time...
Sunday, December 19, 2004
the reason for the season

Nothing like some more blog reading and posting before going on to finish this pesky seminar paper (16 pages down, about 5 more to go). I catching up on my blog reading this morning, I found this holiday-cheer-filled post and followed the link to the post on another blog that explains how "christ is not the reason for the season". I knew about the pagan origins of christmas and christmas trees before, but I have never read such a great account of the history of christmas before. Now don't get me wrong, its great that people celebrate christmas for whatever reason by spending time with loved ones, drinking egg nog and eating good food. I am all for those activities any time of the year. Growing up in a house where christmas decorations were numerous and very important, I will also admit to loving little stuffed santas, bows of holly, sparkly christmas trees and village snow scenes. The consumerism of christmas always bugged me- there's nothing like going to the mall in the weeks before christmas to make a person feel like scrooge. If I get one more catelogue with "christmas gift ideas under $100 or under $50 I might scream- who has money to spend that much on everyone? And that "keep the christ in christmas" crap always bugged me too. We have a neighbor who has such a sign on their lawn. As a very small kid I remember thinking in christmas eve church services (the budding feminist that I was) "what's all this crap about a man (god) and his freakin' son- why is this always about men?" Other factual things also bugged me- like why December 25th? And how, again, did Mary have a baby without, ah, sleeping with anyone? And why is it people still report to see her face in things like donuts? So, I am going home to Maine for christmas tomorrow. I haven't finished knitting all my christmas presents. I hope we have lots of snow, I hope to drink and eat a lot and I even hope to run in to a lot of people from my hometown in the grocery store. Christmas is just a lovely excuse for travelling, celebrating and seeing family and friends.

posted by knit wit | 12/19/2004 09:57:00 AM

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