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knit me more time...
Sunday, January 16, 2005
because he's hiding.

Excuse me, blog readers, while my blog continues on it's political bend. I actually had a dream last night that some anonymous blog reader wanted to know why I didn't blog about knitting much. My guilt for whatever mundane thing always ends up in dreams. I didn't answer in the dream, but I will answer here: Very Little Time To Knit, folks. I did knit some wonderful holiday presents- I am almost done knitting the last one. I did finish a scarf for myself to match a hat (all in Noro) and I am wearing it right now to keep me warm. Okay so the knitting out of the way- on to some politics. These are some highlights from a Washington Post interview with King Georgie (found here): The Post: In Iraq, there's been a steady stream of surprises. We weren't welcomed as liberators, as Vice President Cheney had talked about. We haven't found the weapons of mass destruction as predicted. The postwar process hasn't gone as well as some had hoped. Why hasn't anyone been held accountable, either through firings or demotions, for what some people see as mistakes or misjudgments? THE PRESIDENT: Well, we had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 election. And the American people listened to different assessments made about what was taking place in Iraq, and they looked at the two candidates, and chose me, for which I'm grateful.

. . .

The Post: Why do you think [Osama] bin Laden has not been caught? THE PRESIDENT: Because he's hiding. . . .

The Post: Now a parochial question for The Post in D.C. THE PRESIDENT: I'm trying to stay concentrated. The Post: What's that? THE PRESIDENT: I'm just trying to stay concentrated. You've got a whole -- The Post: . . . I've got to ask you at least a couple domestic questions. Your answers are short, though. THE PRESIDENT: A lot shorter than usual.

. . .

The Post: Will you talk to Senate Democrats about your [Social Security] privatization plan? THE PRESIDENT: You mean, the personal savings accounts? The Post: Yes, exactly. Scott has been -- THE PRESIDENT: We don't want to be editorializing, at least in the questions. The Post: You used partial privatization yourself last year, sir. THE PRESIDENT: Yes? The Post: Yes, three times in one sentence. We had to figure this out, because we're in an argument with the RNC about how we should actually word this. [Post staff writer] Mike Allen, the industrious Mike Allen, found it. THE PRESIDENT: Allen did what now? The Post: You used partial privatization. THE PRESIDENT: I did, personally? The Post: Right. THE PRESIDENT: When? The Post: To describe it. THE PRESIDENT: When, when was it? The Post: Mike said it was right around the election. THE PRESIDENT: Seriously? The Post: It was right around the election. We'll send it over. THE PRESIDENT: I'm surprised. Maybe I did. It's amazing what happens when you're tired. Anyway, your question was? I'm sorry for interrupting.

posted by knit wit | 1/16/2005 08:31:00 PM

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