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knit me more time...
Sunday, January 09, 2005
a busy month!

This weekend has been wonderfully productive. After slothing around for a few weeks, I finally feel re-charged. I don't know how clear it was to blog readers, but the end of last semester really almost drained the life out of me (actually the entire year kind of fried my brain). I hope the multiple lows of last year were just for 2004 and that 2005 will really be better. Anyway, I cleaned my desk at home as it really suffered from the craziness of last semester. Some might think this is just another way of procrastinating- not working on the book review until my desk was clean, but I really could not have sat down and accomplished anything with a messy desk. It's organized now- books are alphabetical again and all is right with this little corner of the world. Speaking of books- we went to Half Price Books yesterday and I made a few great purchases. They didn't have any of the many, many books I need for this semester's courses, but they did have some other books that I needed for the prelim and in general. I ended up purchasing this, this, this, and this, all for 5 bucks each! And they all have no marks whatsoever in them. Jo also picked up a dvd box set of some 50 great old movies for $15. We truly love Half Price Books. I just looked at our calendar and realized what a very busy month this is chalking up to be! Here's some of what is going on...
  • Jo is going to NYC to visit friends this Thursday for about 2 weeks.
  • While she's away, I'll be finishing the book review I should have written last summer. This time the procrastination was really ridiculous- its a great book and I would have spared some stress dreams if I had just gotten this written last year.
  • And I'll be working on throwing together something to submit for the ASA conference.
  • Oh yeah, and classes begin. I'll probably wind up spending like 300 bucks on books for only one class. Yikes.
  • My favorite sociologist, Dorothy Smith, is coming to speak on the 21st. I am introducing her at her talk, which I am very nervous about, and I am interviewing her with a friend of mine. We haven't even started working on that yet. They also asked me to pick her up at the airport. Needless to say, I am excited beyond belief. Like I explained to Jo, it is like her getting to meet her idol Kate Bush.
  • When Jo gets home from NY, I am going to Miami, Florida for the winter meeting of Sociologists for Women in Society. I just looked at the website for the hoteland discovered it is 2 blocks from the beach! I've never been to Florida and the most I know of the Atlantic is the cold waters off the rocky coast of Maine, so this should be very interesting. I love the beach, but only really at night. I burn so easily that going to the beach to swim/sunbathe during the day sound terrible. It is about 80 degrees in Florida this time of the year which should be quite a shock to the system! Should I bring sandals or will my pale, white feet blind everyone? I am also slightly nervous about being the only one there at the meeting from my school- even my advisor won't be there. I've met other people who will hopefully be there, but otherwise I'll just need to be really friendly and social or I'll be bored as hell. Thank god everyone wears name tags b/c I am so terrible at remembering names.
Update on shoveling: Our landlord came by yesterday and is now going to pay us to shovel, since no one else wants to do it. We're happy b/c we really like shoveling anyway and getting money off the rent is always nice.

posted by knit wit | 1/09/2005 09:43:00 AM

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