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knit me more time...
Monday, January 31, 2005

I'll post details about my trip to Miami for the SWS meeting later on today when I am more awake. I slept about 12 hours last night- to give you an idea why... 11pm Saturday: got back to the hotel after an evening in South Beach 12am Sunday: still listening to my roommate yell at Delta airlines on the phone because her flight was cancelled and they couldn't fly her out until Tuesday. 1am Sunday: approx. time I fell asleep. 4:30am Sunday: got up 5am: airport shuttle to airport 6am: still in line at NW check in- checking in with eticket machine said "please see agent" 6:15am: talk to agent who sends me to Continental. The first leg of my trip (to Houstan) is through continental. 6:25am: fed up with the huge line at continental, I followed the lead of some guy who also thought that those with no bags to check should not be standing in line with those who do. We cut in the front to use the eticket machines that were not, for some reason, set off to the side. 6:30am: rushed through security 6:40am: on the plane 6:50am: plane takes off 20 minutes late. 8:35am: plane lands in Houston, George Bush International Aiport (do they have to keep saying that?) 8:40am: stewards ask people to remain seated as some of us have tight connections and need to get off first. No one pays attention. My next flight: 9:04 on a different airline. A nice elderly couple with a strong southern drawl helps me pass my lugguge down through the aisle and tells the crowd of clueless people I need to get off now. They were so sweet and I didn't even get to thank them! 8:45am-9:05am: ran through Houston airport like a crazy person with clogs on. Clogs are great for going through security and taking off your shoes but suck for running. They held the plane for me and rushed me onto it as I ran toward the gate. All the flights were full b/c of the weather in Atlanta so I doubt I would have been able to get another flight. I collapsed in my seat, exhausted and hungry. I think I got shinsplints- my shins and legs hurt so badly. I know I say I love to travel- but sometimes it really is a pain. But, after sleeping for 12 hours and after a wonderful weekend with the most wonderful people, I feel recharged and reinspired. Well, first I need to have some coffee. I'll post more details about my trip later on.

posted by knit wit | 1/31/2005 07:13:00 AM

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