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knit me more time...
Monday, January 24, 2005
a mystery

Yesterday, I developed (very quickly) some kind of red, puffy, rash on my face. It was very strange, because I had just rubbed my eyes, but I hadn't touched anything that would specifically make me have an allergic reaction. I think it has to be something I touched because I had red, puffy fingerprints above my eyes- I must have rubbed something on me. I've had such reactions to anything (soap, shampoo etc...) with peppermint oil. I quickly took a benedryl which always knocks me out, forgetting that I had already taken a 24-hour claritin (antihistamine) the night before. So, the double dose of antihistamine really knocked me out. I think I slept 14 hours (instead of accomplishing anything useful). I keep going over in my head everything I did and touched before my face became red and puffy and nothing makes sense. Here's a snapshot of the moments leading up the rash.
  • I cleaned off our car- first with the shovel and then with the little scraper-thingy.
  • We went to get lunch and ran some errands. I washed my hands when I got home.
  • We have the same soap in the bathroom and kitchen that we have always had.
  • I put on some lotion- same lotion I've used for a while.
  • I used my ibook for a little while, then brought a book into the living room.
  • I knit for a little while (acrylic yarn I have knit with before)
  • I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes- instanty burning and stinging ensued.
So, I used nothing new and I can't imagine what actually brought on an allergic reaction. I wish I knew, because I'd really like to avoid whatever it is in the future.

posted by knit wit | 1/24/2005 07:48:00 AM

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