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knit me more time...
Saturday, January 01, 2005
no new years resolutions for me

Nope. Not this year. In the past I made new years resolutions- the usual things that really apply to any time of the year (not procrastinating, writing more, reading more, knitting more, more yoga, etc... are always relevant). This year I am not filled with so much hope for the new year. Sorry to sound glum but that's just the way it is. With the past year's events; the election, the "war" in Iraq, the recent tsunami disaster (to name a few) my usual hopeful spirit is dampened. Even the christmas songs about world peace and hope didn't move me this season. Instead of new years resolutions when the ball fell (11pm central time), I had lingering questions. Major Questions- the kind that keep me up sometimes at night. Some of them don't have answers- and some are too complex and huge to even ponder for too long.
  • why people don't understand that we aren't at war in Iraq- that we are occupying their country. And those rebels and insurgents are really fighting for their country not to be occupied any more by a foreign power.
  • why it doesn't bother the hell out of people that during this holiday season we needed food drives for soldiers' families. shouldn't soldiers who are risking their lives (regardless of what they are risking their lives for) be paid enough to make it so that their families can afford food? doesn't this make anyone angry that their families need donated cans of food to feed their families??
  • why the hell there are people who have gone back to Sri Lanka to finish their vacation on the beach when so many people there need help with basic needs and 1 out of every 3 people in that country died. How could someone vacation on the same beach and ignore the continued suffering in the towns behind them?
  • why poor people in this country voted for Bush. I know there are reasons and that this was one of the biggest, most successful snow-jobs in history, but it still shocks me to see, for example, so many people who can barely afford christmas shopping at walmart with Bush/Cheney stickers on their cars.
  • when will people see what a total shmuck Bush is? When will they get it? Will it ever happen? It is so horrible that we are going to have another 4 years of him- like with a movie that I rented and is torture to watch, I want to check Internet Movie Database to see what the end is so that I am prepared- so that I can keep watching.
okay. the list could go on but I guess I'll stop. Seriously, though. It is a new year. I guess there is a little hope it could be better than the last year. I'll hang on to that and spend today knitting, watching more of the Twilight Zone marathon, and eating left overs from last night's new year's dinner. All that work I have to do in 2005 (before 1/18/05 to be exact), well, I'll start that tomorrow.

posted by knit wit | 1/01/2005 08:38:00 AM

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