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knit me more time...
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
shoveling snow

I really love the snow- I love how it changes how the world is lit. I love how it makes everything quiet. I even love driving in the snow- I love fishtailing around a corner. I am seriously a nut about snow. I even love shoveling snow- but not, however, when I have a cold/sinus infection/allergies (whatever the fuck is making me congested for months and months). We live in a small apartment building with 5 other apartments. All the other tenants are nice people- we say hi and wave and have conversations every now and then. It is in all of our leases that everyone must share the shoveling. Last year Jo and I shoveled the first couple snow storms with no help so we mentioned it to the landlord and he called everyone reminding them that everyone needs to shovel. Of course, I don't think it snowed after that. Today with my cough and such, Jo and I decided not to be first people to shovel. Other tenants came home from work, walked their dogs, and settled down for the night, and by 9pm, no one had shoveled. There is quite a bit to shovel- and if it isn't done soon after it snows then everyone walks on it and it ices over. So, we got our shovel out of storage, and like the too nice people we are, shoveled everything. Why is it that people can not take turns doing things? One of the other tenants saw us shoveling and waved. She is under the strange impression that we are the apartment managers and perhaps she thinks this extends to shoveling. During the summer she knocked on the door to complain about construction noise from across the street and I told her we were not the managers and couldn't/wouldn't do anything about it. Soon after that, she knocked on our back door late at night (very loudly, I remember) to tell us that there was an unknown car in the parking lot. I asked her what she expected me to do about it- and she said again that we were the apartment managers. I told her we were not and that she could leave a note on the car if she wanted to. I wonder how many times will we have to tell her we are not the apartment managers. I wonder what everyone else's excuse is.

posted by knit wit | 1/05/2005 09:44:00 PM

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