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knit me more time...
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
time, time, time what has become of me?

3:25 is when my seminar is! That's right- 3:25pm until 5:25pm. No- I am doing it again. I planned on blogging about how I went to my seminar at 3:25 instead of the actual class time of 2:25. That's right- 1 hour late. And I sat down- not understanding why everyone was already deep in conversation until I saw my syllabus and it said 2:25-5:25. So, why then even in the beginning of this blog post do I insist again on the time of the course being 3:25? What the hell is wrong with me. ehem- Let's start this post again- 2:25 is when my seminar is! That's right- 2:25pm until 5:25pm. Why I kept insisting all day today that the class began at 3:25, I don't know. At 3pm I even stopped by the TA office to say hi to people and sit for a couple minutes. Then, I walked in late to my seminar and felt like shit for a while. I think it is time to set that annoying alarm on my palm pilot. I also screwed something up at work this week (involving the incorrect grant application being loaded onto the server for only a few hours but enough time to make everyone I work for panic). It was a major momentary lapse of reason for me when I made the mistake- I have no idea what I was thinking. This is not the only such incident- lately I forget everything. I need to start writing myself post-it notes insisting things like: "Remember lunch", "bring book to school", "go to the bank", or "print readings for class". Writing post-its isn't so bad, but what I am more worried about is the time lapse issue. I never used be late for anything- I'd do whatever it took to get to work a few minutes early or be at the bus stop nice and early. I wake up with plenty of time before I need to make the bus. I drink my coffee. I read the news, blogs etc... take a shower, eat something and head out the door on time. Instead I get sidetracked. Let's say I have 5 minutes before I have to leave. 10 minutes later I have checked the weather channel and changed my shoes and have missed the bus. It's like I have no sense of time. If I told you how many buses I tried to make every morning but didn't, it would be embarrassing. It is a joke now with Jo- she'll ask what bus I am taking to school and when I answer she'll laugh and say "yeah right". Changing topics now... I am leaving for Miami tomorrow and I just packed. I packed way more clothing than I need for a 3 day conference, but in this very cold winter, I seem to have forgotten what 80 degrees feels like, so I packed a variety of clothes. Its a conference for feminist sociologists and I just can't wait to be there. Anyway- I know it was just 6 weeks ago that I was dying to leave Madison- and again, here I am dying to leave Madison. Its not so much Madison itself- I need a break from things like work, and group blogs I should refrain from posting in for a while b/c I just get irritated. I will miss my usual blog reads though! I won't be blogging from the airport or hotel or anything as that just costs money so I'll fill you in on my first time among palm trees when I get back (that's right folks, I've never seen a palm tree).

posted by knit wit | 1/26/2005 09:52:00 PM

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