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knit me more time...
Monday, February 28, 2005

Is it terrible that 95% of the time I need to drink to be able to work on my own research and writing? I can't get out of my own way to write without having some form of alcohol to soothe my fears. Just 1 glass of wine or 1 beer is all that is needed, but jeez, does it ever help. I've been staring at this conference paper since 3pm, but now that it is 8:44pm, I have made dinner, watched all interesting TV possible, replied to all possible emails, and now that I have had most of a glass of wine, writing just isn't so frightening anymore. Why question what works? I am just going to go with it.

posted by knit wit | 2/28/2005 08:42:00 PM

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tonight I went out in the snowiness to get some dinner- I didn't feel like cooking and I had eaten so much at IHOP earlier that I didn't feel hungry until around 7pm. So, as I drive down E. Washington behind a big SUV and I notice they have one of those TVs in the back seat. I pull up next to them a bit later and glance over to see what they are watching in the backseat. Now, you know all those commercials that advertise tv/dvd players in SUVs show families using them to shut their kids up by showing cartoons or some other silly kids movie. Well, that was what I fully expected to see. It looked like a couple (1 male, 1 female) in the front, so I just expected to see something like "Finding Nemo" on the screen. No. Not only was it not a children's movie. It was porn! I couldn't tell whether it was softcore porn or hardcore porn, but it was definitely porn. Sure, people could play anything in the back of their SUV, but porn? Driving down E. Washington? Not as surprising as the porn, was the christmas tree I saw on my way home. There is construction all over my part of E. Wash now, so I took a back way home through some neighborhoods. Well, I thought it was christmas all over again- the softly falling snow, and a BIG, LIT UP christmas tree, complete with STAR on top, right out in front of someone's home! I know people aren't always prompt about taking lights down at the end of the season, but they shamelessly had the thing lit! Maybe they just can't let go of christmas- maybe it is christmas year round in their home.

posted by knit wit | 2/27/2005 07:40:00 PM

Saturday, February 26, 2005
sociology shindig

When our department's annual Winter Party was announced this year, I deleted the email invites. After attending the last two Winter Parties, and as Jeremy describes, being "suicidally bored," I wasn't about to even consider going this year for 2 main reasons (1) I greatly dislike and generally avoid crowds (especially when they are referred to as "parties") of more than 6-8 people and (2) there is something to be said for the general social ineptitude of sociologists (I think that over-thinking plays a role in this). Its not that everyone doesn't mean well, but carrying on conversations can be especially awkward. But, then there is the whole "department bonding" aspect of the party. And since I don't go to the Karaoke gatherings, and there aren't many femsem potlucks this semester ("femsem" is dept. slang for our gathering of people who study gender), I figured a little bonding of some sort would be okay. And some people I know and like are going, which will hopefully make it more fun. But, I can always leave when I want and I probably won't stay too long.

posted by knit wit | 2/26/2005 11:35:00 AM

Friday, February 25, 2005
literarily deficient

Tonight I am watching (as I blog this) the movie Flowers in the Attic. It is one seriously messed up story on so many levels. I can't believe that this was one of my favorite movies as a kid as right now I am finding the story kind of disturbing. I also remember reading the book. I went through a phase of reading VC Andrews (the woman who still writes books from the grave) and Stephen King. I am almost ashamed to admit that I read such cheesy books, but I was in 3rd grade with a way too-high reading level for the usual 3rd grade books (I read Carrie before I even understood what getting a period was). I remember lounging on my bed during the summer reading an entire book in a day. Now I can skim/read a non-fiction book in a day but it's just not anywhere near the same thing. I don't read fiction. I don't know what it is. I can't help feeling like I am missing out on some other world but I am too leery to take a chance on a book I won't like. When I worked at bookstores I used to hear people rave about certain books, but I would start reading them and grow weary and never finish. I even have some books people gave me and swore I would love including Confederacy of Dunces and Good Benito (because I loved Einstein's Dreams by the same author). But, right now I am enjoying reading Naple's Feminism & Methodology. Maybe I need some fiction here folks. Maybe I haven't found the kind of fiction yet that I am going to get hooked on. I have some favorite fiction books (and the only 8 fiction books I have completed reading in the past 10 years): 1984 We the Living (this was Ayn Rand's first book. I never liked her other ones. It is more auto-biographical and less of her philosophy) The Handmaid's Tale My Antonia The Jungle (this was the book that originally sparked my vegetarianism, although I also just love the story itself.) Anthem The Voyage Out Beloved Am I missing out on the world of fiction literature? Do I even have time to add any more reading to my already heavy load (and there is a prelim around the corner). Are they even kinds of books out there I would love and just don't know about yet?

posted by knit wit | 2/25/2005 10:02:00 PM

his papal-ness

I am fascinated by people's fascination with the pope. The language surrounding the pope is also interesting. There are some great words- papal, papacy etc... The morning news has now opened the news for the day with a papal update that is lasting a few minutes. He is breathing on his own- catholics everywhere are hoping he gets better- he had his papal cafe latte and 10 (10?!) biscuits for breakfast etc... An expert doctor is speaking about possible swelling from the procedure the pope had done. So much detail. Are there not other newsworthy things going on in the world? 7:11 now and after a brief weather forecast, we are back to the pope and how he really is not a "hands on" pope and doesn't do much at the vatican- so the vatican still runs when he is sick. (whew- I was so worried about that!) I remember when the pope came to NYC back in like 1996 or 1997. I was in the city that Saturday (or Sunday?) morning after being out all night at a club (yes, I used to go to clubs). I was walking with some friends down a usually quiet stretch of 7th avenue and a huge entourage of cars drove by- police cars, black cars etc... and then-- the pope's bullet proof viewing box! 7:13 finally on to some real news- the Jackson trial. And what's next? Kicking caffeine addiction! Going to Starbucks too much? Thinking about coffee first thing in the morning and later on in the day? Kick the dependency by going to these trendy addict clinics and get cured! What a terrible, terrible problem! (I'll take my coffee in the morning thanks, there are worse things to worry about) Next is some reporting on the Oscar parties for the stars. And what's more important than all of this? Who the stars will be wearing, of course! Who will design their shoes and their dresses? Usually I would turn off such non-news crap after the weather and the papal update, but every once in a while I have to remind myself of how terrible this morning news stuff really is. It is almost painfully terrible actually. And I wonder why people care more about who made their handbags and what designer dresses the stars wear then issues such as why the US didn't sign the anti-torture treaty, or the Kyoto protocol, or the friggin' anti-child labor treaty.

posted by knit wit | 2/25/2005 07:02:00 AM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
2 whole weeks

Jo is going to NYC for 2 whole weeks. She leaves this Friday. I am so very excited for her- she'll get to see all our wonderful friends and get in some quality time in the city! She'll be doing wonderful things like getting lost in the Strand, having a beer at the Gingerman and riding the LIRR to E. Northport! I will also miss having her around. We aren't necessarily co-dependent, but we like just being around each other. Just doing different things in the same apartment is good for us. So, these next two weeks will seem kind of empty, but I'll try to capitalize on that solitude by getting some serious turning-the-masters-into-an-article done. We'll have to see how that progresses. I have worked on it- made tons of notes, actually read through the notes from my defense (not so painful a couple months later) and I have started a file called "article1.doc". The process of deleting extraneous (yes, repetitive and even rambling) info, telling 1 coherent story, citing all the right people, not having a lit review that sucks, all while sticking to the prescribed article format is fucking terrifying. When did I tell my advisor I would send something to her? Beginning of February? Yikes. I think I'll need to buy some more beer to tackle that this weekend. Yup, folks, my prescription for writer's block and adjustment to academia (without becoming a tool) is a nice dark beer (or 2). Since I got out of my class this evening I have done nothing (watched TV and ate dinner mostly) and I have a million things I ought to be doing. There are always a million things I ought to be doing and I am becoming okay with that. But after staying up very late last night writing and reading Bourdieu's analysis of Algeria (if you don't know, it isn't worth explaining- really), tonight I might just take a bath and get into bed. (and then maybe I'll do some work)

posted by knit wit | 2/23/2005 07:37:00 PM

Monday, February 21, 2005

oh yeah, and I quit working at Borders today. I just called, and very unceremoniously ended my 7 year stint. No tears about never looking up some book in TLU for people again, no sad feelings about missing out on register shifts, and no thought of missing out on store meetings. It was anti-climatic, and I think they were expecting I would leave anyways. I do feel a small shift in my world and a small weight lifted off my shoulders.

posted by knit wit | 2/21/2005 05:35:00 PM

how do folks get to my blog?

I was looking more closely today at the counter for my blog and noticed that it keeps track of what people type into search engines that bring them here, to Knit Me More Time. I think these results are pretty funny- and it is interesting to see the kind of things people put into a search engine. "TRADER JOE'S + WAFFLES" [okay- I have perhaps talked about the waffles I miss from Trader Joes] "SKippy the Bound Kangaroo" [ah- is that what you meant to search for? Not "skippy the Bush kangaroo" Who is Skippy the Bound Kangaroo? Do I want to know?] "rgis sucks" [yes, it does] "candle therapy, pyschiatric" [someone actually put this into a search engine? and then got my blog?] "dorotha harried" [who would google Dorotha? Perhaps Dorotha herself?] "stairway to heaven+michael landon" [this is perhaps the most disturbing way someone could have gotten to my blog. Did they mean "highway to heaven"? Or did Michael Landon had something to do with Stairway to Heaven? I certainly hope not] "dim sum eraser" [alrightythen] "wonderful viewpoint on life Hello I hope you send this back this is one of the cutest emails around happy friends week!" [huh? I am unsure why someone would google this. It sounds like an email forward I would delete. Not post on my blog.] "cleaning ink off barbies" [I'm stumped]

posted by knit wit | 2/21/2005 02:33:00 PM

Sunday, February 20, 2005
eating out in the Mad City

Last night Jo and I went out for dinner- kind of a belated anniversary meal. There is a severe lack of restaurants here in Madison. When we lived in NY we would go out to a wonderful French restaurant (Collette) and then go to see a play (one year we saw Bea Arthur's one woman show and another year we saw Lilly Tomlin). Collette was expensive but it was always worth it- delicious, small, quiet and romantic. There are nice restaurants here in Madison but none of them seem as worth it- mostly overpriced and crowded like Cafe Magnus. L'Etoil's menu has a complete lack of interesting vegetarian food (and only 4 items on the menu) and I eat at Maharaja so often that it hardly seems like a place for an anniversary dinner. So, we decided that since I wanted lobster, and wasn't going to pay $40 for it at Blue Marlin, that we would go to the Red Lobster. Now, I am not one to like chains (okay- Trader Joes and Ikea are exceptions that are easy to make) but since I moved here I have developed a weakness for Red Lobster. There are few places to get half-way decent lobster tail and scallops in the midwest when my Maine upbringing makes me crave seafood. But, I always get really annoyed going to Red Lobster b/c here in Wisconsin it is crowded as all hell with some truly irritating people. It is as if in Madison all you can choose between are crowds of undergrads on State Street or Bush voters with yellow ribbons on their minivans from the suburbs. Last night was no exception. I dropped Jo off at the door and preceded to drive around and around looking for a parking spot. There were lots of yellow ribbons but no parking space. Finally, I found a family getting in to there minivan, and put my blinker on and waited. The minvan family pulls out and some asshole pulls into my space. I start honking and getting right up to the back of their now-parked-in-my-space car and they just sit there inside. At that point, Jo came out to the car (the wait was going to be an hour) and we started to drive away, but, when I saw the couple that stole my spot get out of their car, in a fit of rage, I start to back up with the intention of asking them why they stole what was clearly my parking space. Jo intercedes, reminds me it is not NY and I don't want to get in a fight with this couple with sour-puss expressions that had to wait for me to drive away before they got out of their car. I guess they didn't realize that my rage just makes me cry. So, I decided to just drive away. Instead we ended up at the Olive Garden. I hadn't eaten their in years and I was amazed at (a) the nice, soothing, quiet atmosphere and (b) the food and (c) the wine. There is also very little in the way of good Italian here so the Olive Garden hit the spot. I was still angry about the stolen parking spot so I fantasized about starting some kind of rumor that Red Lobster is owned by someone who is gay and is friends with Theresa Heinz Kerry than less of those yellow-ribbon-Bush-voters will eat at Red Lobster. Maybe an email forward would be the best way to do this. And you know only a couple people would actually check on the legitimacy of the email forward. Sounds like a freakin' plan. PS- while I am blogging this, I am half watching the documentary preview of the season premiere for the L Word (Jo is hooked on this show while I am trying not to be too interested). One of the super-trendy lesbian characters is now knitting- with trendy bulky red yarn and huge bamboo needles. Yikes. This is way too trendy now. I'll just keep knitting in my own living room. Actually, I am experiencing a knitting lull since my brother visited and I finished the last Christmas present of the year (his scarf). I'll have get new yarn and start knitting again soon. Ummm- are they really talking about lesbian fashion in this documentary now? Yes they are. Isn't that one of the biggest oxymorons ever?

posted by knit wit | 2/20/2005 07:41:00 PM

Friday, February 18, 2005
obligitory Gates posting

Despite the wonderful pictures (found here and here) and Nina's wonderful story of sneaking into the press box for the opening, I must say that Christo's Gates in NYC doesn't thrill me. I tried to get into the hoopla and I've given up. Actually, I think if I were in NY the Gates would bug me. A friend of mine who lives there says everyone in her area hates them- that it is like safety orange and reminds her of the terror threat levels. The NY Times has an entire webpage devoted to the Gates with public reviews of the Gates. Some of these comments are especially amusing:
"The thing has to be a practical joke. A garish, giant, ORANGE, plastic-y practical joke. That's my explanation. I have no other." "The gates are a bunch of 4"x4"'s erected over paths and hung with construction orange material. Some great publicity guru is going to rake in a fortune in drawings and other documentation. Wish it were I. I seriously doubt with all of the loot involved, Christo even chose orange for any other reason than that it was on sale at some public auction. The lumber was a probably a closeout from a McMansion subdivision. And three weeks from now, nobody will care." "It seems to me that Christo and Jeanne-Claude's projects are to the art world what doing a cannonball off the high board is to Olympic diving."
But, hey, art for arts sake is fine with me. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about art, but when I lived in NY I used to love getting lost in the met and moma, and my favorite, the tate modern in London. Maybe something in central park that tied in more with nature instead of screaming against it. But, I haven't seen the Gates so who knows what my in person reaction would be. All I do know is that the Gates in Mass are my favorite. Absolutely freakin' brilliant.

posted by knit wit | 2/18/2005 10:00:00 PM


Finally today, the federal government has put my tax refund in my bank account. Between my state and federal refund I am getting quite a bit back this year. I always consider my tax refund "found money" so I plan what to spend it on pretty carefully. Here's what mine is going to this year: glasses: new ones that do not pinch my nose. and an eye exam. a canoe: this is Jo and my anniversary present to each other (our 8 year anniversary was Tuesday). We live right on a creek that connects to all the local lakes and waterways so we will be tooling around in it all summer. Harmony Valley farm share: because we loved it so much last year we are getting it again, but this time with more salad. I am also going to refile my state taxes from the last couple years because I found a tax credit this year that I should have taken advantage of before. With that money I'll be getting a beautiful imac G5. It will be my first desktop computer since my old Performa in 1998 and it will be perfect for webdesign and for Jo to do music stuff on. *"money" has always been my least favorite Pink Floyd song.

posted by knit wit | 2/18/2005 07:32:00 AM

Thursday, February 17, 2005
mundane dreams

I've been having numerous dreams lately that are of a very strange, mundane sort. I also talk in my sleep sometimes and this has been happening more lately. Jo likes to mess around with me by having conversations with me when I talk in my sleep. The other night I was talking about needing something to write with and she kept offering me different things (pen, pencil, laptop etc...) and I turn every writing instrument down. In my mundane dreams I do things like make grocery lists, see Bush walking by my car and swearing loudly at him, drive to my old job back in NY, sit at my computer here at my current job and whatever other mundane piece of life I seem to want to revisit when I dream. A couple recent dreams have had eerie coincidences. For instance, the other night I dreamt that Jo thought we needed vanilla and I checked the cabinet and saw we had some. In real life a couple days later we were at the grocery store and Jo needed almond extract. At one point she wondered aloud "do I need vanilla extract or almond extract" and then we went to look at both. Very strange. Well, just last night I had the most realistic dream (don't you hate those- you can't shake them all day) that my advisor needed surgery to remove cataracts. It was just so vividly realistic, but not as far as I can imagine anywhere near true. But, as I was putting on my ipod headphones this morning on the bus, the bus driver was having a conversation with a passenger about his mother needing cataracts removed. Strange, right? I'm not suggesting I am somehow psychic- but it is weird to dream about such oddly mundane things that end up coincidentally related to real events?

Maybe if my life were more exciting my dreams would be more exciting too.

posted by knit wit | 2/17/2005 12:41:00 PM

Monday, February 14, 2005
Monday night

let's see... it's Monday night, and while I might be most often found hunched over my computer on both Friday and Saturday nights, I am totally trashed already. Why? My brother is here and has good taste in wine and I drank quite a bit. We are waiting for sushi to be delivered. I email-excused myself from my morning class and Jo and Donald and I watching "The Human Stain" which is good so far but I am blogging instead of paying attention. Some guy is teaching some woman to box and I have no idea what is happening. Oh well. The sushi people said the delivery would be an hour. It has been longer than that now. Jo and Donald are discussing why sushi would take so long since it doesn't need to be cooked and whether or not they are catching the salmon and waiting for the cream cheese to be delivered from Philly. That cracked me up and made me want to blog about it. So, I did. Okay? Isn't that what you wanted?

posted by knit wit | 2/14/2005 08:30:00 PM

Friday, February 11, 2005

at the end of this insanely busy week, (going into what ought to be a productive weekend, and then another insanely busy week) I thought I'd pause before collapsing into bed to take inventory of the good and the irritating about today. the good:
  • finishing and handing in that freakin' application that has been hanging over my head all week.
  • watching Frankie & Johnnie with Jo tonight while drinking coffee.
  • getting a package from Germany with copies of the compilation CD that Jo is on (see here).
  • making quiche for dinner. Someone at work today mentioned quiche and that inspired the meal. Yummy!
  • my brother is coming to visit Sunday!
  • Jo playing piano right now
the irritating:
  • having to drive to the Mounds on the West Side b/c the Mounds on the East Side was out of our kind of cat litter.
  • having to drive on the beltline (we didn't move to the middle of nowhere from ny to have to drive on big, busy highways)
  • needing to do laundry sometime this weekend
  • having been kept awake all night by my cat. she tortures me by walking over my head all night, or pushing stuff off my nightstand onto my head. why? b/c she wants to not only be fed, but she wants me to sit with her the entire time. so, I lock her out of the room and she stratches at the door and I have nightmares about the landlord noticing the stratches.
okay. my eye is twitching from being too tired so I really have to sleep.

posted by knit wit | 2/11/2005 09:41:00 PM

best of times

2 different professors this week have bestowed upon me these words of wisdom: grad school is the best time of your life. really? are they for real? I suppose that is true given that after grad school there is getting tenure and other battles, but jeez- I know it gets worse but I don't really want to know about it, okay?

posted by knit wit | 2/11/2005 04:05:00 PM

Thursday, February 10, 2005
I can't talk to you, I'm thinking.

[i know i posted that i was too busy to post. i am still busy to post, but blogging is so great in terms of procrastinating...] okay, here's the thing. I hate talking to people on the bus. I hate seeing people I know on the bus and feeling pressured to talk to them out of some strange social obligation. It used to be that no one I knew road my busline, but now there are a few people that do and we seem to ride it the same time every day. Sometimes I pretend I don't see them when they get on the bus. Isn't that terrible of me? Don't think that I don't like these people who I know who ride the bus with me. They're nice and all. I would love to hang out with them, but not on the bus. I loathe small-talk, idle conversation and "chatting" about things like classes, work, the traffic, and weather. I'd rather be left to just think and zone out. My bus ride to school and back is my quiet time with my ipod and a book (sometimes I don't read at all- I love staring out the window). So, I don't want to have to talk to you (or feel bad if I don't) if you sit next to me because you know me a little bit. I'm not that cool, really. I'd rather be left alone. Is that rude of me? Is it mean? I feel just like Ralph in the movie A Christmas Story. As he is standing in line waiting to meet Santa at the department store, some people dressed as Wizard of Oz characters come by singing and dancing and try to talk to him. He responds "I can't talk to you now, I am thinking." I miss my rides into penn station and then on the subway all by myself. I didn't know anyone and the chance of running into someone I knew was pretty small. I actually did once see some friends of mine on the platform of the 4th street station. I was on the train slowing going by them. We waved and laughed at the randomness of it. so, if you see me on the bus just wave and smile and then sit somewhere else and I'll really appreciate it.

posted by knit wit | 2/10/2005 10:08:00 PM

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
dear blog

just letting you know that I probably won't post until the weekend. I know this is not a huge absence in your world but since I have been posting so much I figured an explanation would be warranted. I have so much to do on so many different projects between now and Friday that at any given minute I am teetering right on the edge of a panic attack. just thought you might want to know it.

posted by knit wit | 2/08/2005 07:53:00 PM

Sunday, February 06, 2005
saturday night

like Ang, I spent my Saturday night at home. Unlike Ang, I wasn't lameting about being home on a Saturday night. I have actually come to love Saturday nights as I get a lot of work done so that must make me even more "that person" than Ang. That's okay though. It sounds like Sir Edwin was also home backing up her harddrive. I think its been 5 years or so since anyone called me (or i called anyone) and wanted to do anything on a Saturday night. When did the weekends become special only in that I get 2 days to catch up on work? Grad school, damn it all! I did take Friday night off and watched 2 movies- "The Forgotten" and "The Village." Sometimes I am glad that I am so clueless about pop culture b/c I hadn't heard about either movie's twist endings. I loved "The Forgotten"- it had a wonderful X-Files feel to it and Julianna Moore could do anything and the movie would be incredible. I am not sure about "The Village"- I kind of figured out the surprise ending very early on so then when it happened I was laughing. I didn't hate it but I think the movie could have been done much better. I think Night's movies are just trying a little too full of themselves "The Sixth Sense" was okay, but "Signs" was just so laughably terrible. Mel Gibson, as the opposite of Julianna Moore, could not make or be in a movie that didn't totally suck.

posted by knit wit | 2/06/2005 08:14:00 AM

Saturday, February 05, 2005
knuckle down

Just when I was lamenting about being bored with the music I usually listen to (the post is here), and just as I was discussing with a good friend about Ani's lack-luster last 2 albums (the way too musically deconstructed and off-key Educated Guess and Evolve) and how Revelling/Reckoning was that masterpiece that means the artist will do nothing as close to that good again, I purchased Ani's newest album Knuckle Down. Jeezum freakin' crow, Ani. I am so pleasantly surprised and absolutely thrilled with this album- it is like a throwback to Not A Pretty Girl but far more mature and nuanced. I would highly recommend it to anyone who ever loved Ani's music. It is also helping me to write that damned f*cking book review (the one I should have written months ago). If I can finish this today, while listening to this incredible new music, I'll be just so happy.

posted by knit wit | 2/05/2005 01:15:00 PM

calling it quits

I work contingently at Borders. I only have to work there once every 3 months to keep my pay/position. It used to be that I welcomed working there as it was a break from the intense craziness of grad school, but in the past year or so even doing a shift once in a while has been torture. I worked a couple shifts over the holidays and it was fun to catch up with some of the people who work there, but I called out sick for the last shift because I had too much other work to do. Now they just call and leave me messages asking me to work and I ignore them. So, I was thinking yesterday, now that I have a 12 month job, and now that it seems other little projects come up where I can make extra money, I don't need to hang on to Borders. I could let that freakin' company go. I used to justify staying because of the discount but I can get books cheaper online anyway and I haven't used the discount in a while. It's hard to imagine doing so as I have worked for them since 1998. Back in 1998 the company was much different- each store was unique and run in whatever way it needed to be. Through the years I've held various manager positions, been a victim of having my position terminated and loosing my job, and then gone back to hold supervisor and bookseller positions again. I've seen the company turn increasingly corporate (to a now nauseating degree). My last Borders store was all about drama- we used to say it was like a soap opera that would be named "As the Page Turned." Back then, the drama at Borders consumed me- I was wrapped up in it. I would love to leave that all behind by severing the ties for good. Now here's the thing though. I've never willingly quit a job- wrote a resignation letter. The bookstore I worked in before Borders was a large independent store where I was basically doing the jobs of merchandising, register and event manager while only being paid to be a bookseller. When I quit I don't it came as a surprise to the owners- they had passed me up for 2 manager positions in a row and I had finally figured out they were only hiring men for manager positions. I was pissed and felt unappreciated and they knew it. So, I've never just left a job just because I didn't need it anymore. It feels weird. But, think it is time to quit. A resignation letter might be in order folks!

posted by knit wit | 2/05/2005 08:09:00 AM

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
straight up now

I went out to dinner tonight with great friends and fellow bloggers Ang, Jessica, Reba and Loopy. We left from campus, Loopy driving, and decided to eat Indian food on the east side (near where I live). We sat down at the restaurant and I realized that my car was still in the parking ramp down at school. Not a problem, though, because after dinner they drove me back downtown to get my car. As soon as we get downtown there are masses of people wearing red and streaming out of the Kohl Center. Shit. A Basketball game just got out and guess who is going to be sitting in traffic forever. While I try to appreciate that people love sports (and I used to go to some NY Liberties games) large throngs of sports fans and the traffic they create could not be more irritating. I have never lived in a college town or community where sports were a big deal, but I still have the same mix of jealousy and contempt for sports that I had in high school. Like in every HS, the sports kids got nice uniforms and took chartered buses to games while us band geeks wore the same uniforms my aunt wore 30 years earlier and on trips we bumped around in the old school buses. So, I walk up to my car as the long lines of traffic form all the time swearing under my breath. I got to the car and found someone had written in the dirt on my back window "Kerry makes you merry." I do have some anti-BushCo bumpstickers on my car, but not a Kerry sticker. I had to ponder what they meant for a couple minutes because it isn't as outwardly mean as just saying "Kerry Sucks" or as someone once wrote on a piece of paper and stuck on my car "you are a friend to terrorists." Instead they are implying Kerry makes you merry- as in gay, not as in happy. How interesting. I wiped it off my window. I called my mom from the car to chat while I sat and waiting in my car, in traffic, still in the parking ramp. We talked for about 10 minutes and I was still sitting in the parking ramp. I turned on the radio and realized I do still, embarrassingly, somehow know all the words to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up Now." Jeez, the useless knowledge we all carry around! As I got close to where you have to pay, I wondered why I left my car here for so needlessly long and how much parking was going to cost. Well, let me just say I should have not cursed the sports fans. Because of the game, people must have paid a flat fee for parking and now we were just all being let out. So I got to pay nothing. I bet someone could really take advantage of that if the timing were right every home game!

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
turning over a new something

maybe a new leaf- but there aren't too many leaves around here in Wisconsin right now. Somehow I feel more like it is the New Year on February 2nd than it was on January 1st. Why? Well maybe it was the Miami sun (perhaps I was a little SAD like an anonymous poster suggested). More likely it was all the positive vibes swimming around the SWS meeting. Anyway, here are some not quite New Year's revolutions, but things that are positive that I am doing or have done.
  • getting up at 6am. That way, I have time plently of time for reading news, posting in and reading blogs, showering and having a good breakfast before making the bus (the past couple days I haven't even had to run to the bus stop).
  • I already began to do some committee stuff for the committee I joined and volunteered to do work for at SWS.
  • I emailed everyone I met and saw again last weekend and just thanked them for such a great time.
  • I joined the free 6 week yoga class my health insurance is offering.
  • to get me out of my previously posted about music rut, I made a new mix of songs I love and haven't listened to in forever. It is a wonderful 3-hours of music.
  • I de-joined a specific group blog that was going sour. I even stopped reading it (ok, I am trying to stop reading it). I am back to solo blogging and I love it.
Just in case this blog is too happy and shit, I will relay one irritation event from today. At the beginning of the class I had this morning, some total jerk knocked into my water bottle with his bag and spilled water all over my new (hard back) notebook and stack of readings. Now I have some blurred readings and a not-so-hardback notebook. I was really pissed when he turned and saw what he did and said nothing. I stormed out of the room twice to get paper towels to sop up the mess. Some people are so rude.

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