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knit me more time...
Saturday, February 05, 2005
calling it quits

I work contingently at Borders. I only have to work there once every 3 months to keep my pay/position. It used to be that I welcomed working there as it was a break from the intense craziness of grad school, but in the past year or so even doing a shift once in a while has been torture. I worked a couple shifts over the holidays and it was fun to catch up with some of the people who work there, but I called out sick for the last shift because I had too much other work to do. Now they just call and leave me messages asking me to work and I ignore them. So, I was thinking yesterday, now that I have a 12 month job, and now that it seems other little projects come up where I can make extra money, I don't need to hang on to Borders. I could let that freakin' company go. I used to justify staying because of the discount but I can get books cheaper online anyway and I haven't used the discount in a while. It's hard to imagine doing so as I have worked for them since 1998. Back in 1998 the company was much different- each store was unique and run in whatever way it needed to be. Through the years I've held various manager positions, been a victim of having my position terminated and loosing my job, and then gone back to hold supervisor and bookseller positions again. I've seen the company turn increasingly corporate (to a now nauseating degree). My last Borders store was all about drama- we used to say it was like a soap opera that would be named "As the Page Turned." Back then, the drama at Borders consumed me- I was wrapped up in it. I would love to leave that all behind by severing the ties for good. Now here's the thing though. I've never willingly quit a job- wrote a resignation letter. The bookstore I worked in before Borders was a large independent store where I was basically doing the jobs of merchandising, register and event manager while only being paid to be a bookseller. When I quit I don't it came as a surprise to the owners- they had passed me up for 2 manager positions in a row and I had finally figured out they were only hiring men for manager positions. I was pissed and felt unappreciated and they knew it. So, I've never just left a job just because I didn't need it anymore. It feels weird. But, think it is time to quit. A resignation letter might be in order folks!

posted by knit wit | 2/05/2005 08:09:00 AM

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