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knit me more time...
Sunday, February 20, 2005
eating out in the Mad City

Last night Jo and I went out for dinner- kind of a belated anniversary meal. There is a severe lack of restaurants here in Madison. When we lived in NY we would go out to a wonderful French restaurant (Collette) and then go to see a play (one year we saw Bea Arthur's one woman show and another year we saw Lilly Tomlin). Collette was expensive but it was always worth it- delicious, small, quiet and romantic. There are nice restaurants here in Madison but none of them seem as worth it- mostly overpriced and crowded like Cafe Magnus. L'Etoil's menu has a complete lack of interesting vegetarian food (and only 4 items on the menu) and I eat at Maharaja so often that it hardly seems like a place for an anniversary dinner. So, we decided that since I wanted lobster, and wasn't going to pay $40 for it at Blue Marlin, that we would go to the Red Lobster. Now, I am not one to like chains (okay- Trader Joes and Ikea are exceptions that are easy to make) but since I moved here I have developed a weakness for Red Lobster. There are few places to get half-way decent lobster tail and scallops in the midwest when my Maine upbringing makes me crave seafood. But, I always get really annoyed going to Red Lobster b/c here in Wisconsin it is crowded as all hell with some truly irritating people. It is as if in Madison all you can choose between are crowds of undergrads on State Street or Bush voters with yellow ribbons on their minivans from the suburbs. Last night was no exception. I dropped Jo off at the door and preceded to drive around and around looking for a parking spot. There were lots of yellow ribbons but no parking space. Finally, I found a family getting in to there minivan, and put my blinker on and waited. The minvan family pulls out and some asshole pulls into my space. I start honking and getting right up to the back of their now-parked-in-my-space car and they just sit there inside. At that point, Jo came out to the car (the wait was going to be an hour) and we started to drive away, but, when I saw the couple that stole my spot get out of their car, in a fit of rage, I start to back up with the intention of asking them why they stole what was clearly my parking space. Jo intercedes, reminds me it is not NY and I don't want to get in a fight with this couple with sour-puss expressions that had to wait for me to drive away before they got out of their car. I guess they didn't realize that my rage just makes me cry. So, I decided to just drive away. Instead we ended up at the Olive Garden. I hadn't eaten their in years and I was amazed at (a) the nice, soothing, quiet atmosphere and (b) the food and (c) the wine. There is also very little in the way of good Italian here so the Olive Garden hit the spot. I was still angry about the stolen parking spot so I fantasized about starting some kind of rumor that Red Lobster is owned by someone who is gay and is friends with Theresa Heinz Kerry than less of those yellow-ribbon-Bush-voters will eat at Red Lobster. Maybe an email forward would be the best way to do this. And you know only a couple people would actually check on the legitimacy of the email forward. Sounds like a freakin' plan. PS- while I am blogging this, I am half watching the documentary preview of the season premiere for the L Word (Jo is hooked on this show while I am trying not to be too interested). One of the super-trendy lesbian characters is now knitting- with trendy bulky red yarn and huge bamboo needles. Yikes. This is way too trendy now. I'll just keep knitting in my own living room. Actually, I am experiencing a knitting lull since my brother visited and I finished the last Christmas present of the year (his scarf). I'll have get new yarn and start knitting again soon. Ummm- are they really talking about lesbian fashion in this documentary now? Yes they are. Isn't that one of the biggest oxymorons ever?

posted by knit wit | 2/20/2005 07:41:00 PM

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