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knit me more time...
Friday, February 11, 2005

at the end of this insanely busy week, (going into what ought to be a productive weekend, and then another insanely busy week) I thought I'd pause before collapsing into bed to take inventory of the good and the irritating about today. the good:
  • finishing and handing in that freakin' application that has been hanging over my head all week.
  • watching Frankie & Johnnie with Jo tonight while drinking coffee.
  • getting a package from Germany with copies of the compilation CD that Jo is on (see here).
  • making quiche for dinner. Someone at work today mentioned quiche and that inspired the meal. Yummy!
  • my brother is coming to visit Sunday!
  • Jo playing piano right now
the irritating:
  • having to drive to the Mounds on the West Side b/c the Mounds on the East Side was out of our kind of cat litter.
  • having to drive on the beltline (we didn't move to the middle of nowhere from ny to have to drive on big, busy highways)
  • needing to do laundry sometime this weekend
  • having been kept awake all night by my cat. she tortures me by walking over my head all night, or pushing stuff off my nightstand onto my head. why? b/c she wants to not only be fed, but she wants me to sit with her the entire time. so, I lock her out of the room and she stratches at the door and I have nightmares about the landlord noticing the stratches.
okay. my eye is twitching from being too tired so I really have to sleep.

posted by knit wit | 2/11/2005 09:41:00 PM

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