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knit me more time...
Monday, February 14, 2005
Monday night

let's see... it's Monday night, and while I might be most often found hunched over my computer on both Friday and Saturday nights, I am totally trashed already. Why? My brother is here and has good taste in wine and I drank quite a bit. We are waiting for sushi to be delivered. I email-excused myself from my morning class and Jo and Donald and I watching "The Human Stain" which is good so far but I am blogging instead of paying attention. Some guy is teaching some woman to box and I have no idea what is happening. Oh well. The sushi people said the delivery would be an hour. It has been longer than that now. Jo and Donald are discussing why sushi would take so long since it doesn't need to be cooked and whether or not they are catching the salmon and waiting for the cream cheese to be delivered from Philly. That cracked me up and made me want to blog about it. So, I did. Okay? Isn't that what you wanted?

posted by knit wit | 2/14/2005 08:30:00 PM

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