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knit me more time...
Thursday, February 17, 2005
mundane dreams

I've been having numerous dreams lately that are of a very strange, mundane sort. I also talk in my sleep sometimes and this has been happening more lately. Jo likes to mess around with me by having conversations with me when I talk in my sleep. The other night I was talking about needing something to write with and she kept offering me different things (pen, pencil, laptop etc...) and I turn every writing instrument down. In my mundane dreams I do things like make grocery lists, see Bush walking by my car and swearing loudly at him, drive to my old job back in NY, sit at my computer here at my current job and whatever other mundane piece of life I seem to want to revisit when I dream. A couple recent dreams have had eerie coincidences. For instance, the other night I dreamt that Jo thought we needed vanilla and I checked the cabinet and saw we had some. In real life a couple days later we were at the grocery store and Jo needed almond extract. At one point she wondered aloud "do I need vanilla extract or almond extract" and then we went to look at both. Very strange. Well, just last night I had the most realistic dream (don't you hate those- you can't shake them all day) that my advisor needed surgery to remove cataracts. It was just so vividly realistic, but not as far as I can imagine anywhere near true. But, as I was putting on my ipod headphones this morning on the bus, the bus driver was having a conversation with a passenger about his mother needing cataracts removed. Strange, right? I'm not suggesting I am somehow psychic- but it is weird to dream about such oddly mundane things that end up coincidentally related to real events?

Maybe if my life were more exciting my dreams would be more exciting too.

posted by knit wit | 2/17/2005 12:41:00 PM

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