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knit me more time...
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
straight up now

I went out to dinner tonight with great friends and fellow bloggers Ang, Jessica, Reba and Loopy. We left from campus, Loopy driving, and decided to eat Indian food on the east side (near where I live). We sat down at the restaurant and I realized that my car was still in the parking ramp down at school. Not a problem, though, because after dinner they drove me back downtown to get my car. As soon as we get downtown there are masses of people wearing red and streaming out of the Kohl Center. Shit. A Basketball game just got out and guess who is going to be sitting in traffic forever. While I try to appreciate that people love sports (and I used to go to some NY Liberties games) large throngs of sports fans and the traffic they create could not be more irritating. I have never lived in a college town or community where sports were a big deal, but I still have the same mix of jealousy and contempt for sports that I had in high school. Like in every HS, the sports kids got nice uniforms and took chartered buses to games while us band geeks wore the same uniforms my aunt wore 30 years earlier and on trips we bumped around in the old school buses. So, I walk up to my car as the long lines of traffic form all the time swearing under my breath. I got to the car and found someone had written in the dirt on my back window "Kerry makes you merry." I do have some anti-BushCo bumpstickers on my car, but not a Kerry sticker. I had to ponder what they meant for a couple minutes because it isn't as outwardly mean as just saying "Kerry Sucks" or as someone once wrote on a piece of paper and stuck on my car "you are a friend to terrorists." Instead they are implying Kerry makes you merry- as in gay, not as in happy. How interesting. I wiped it off my window. I called my mom from the car to chat while I sat and waiting in my car, in traffic, still in the parking ramp. We talked for about 10 minutes and I was still sitting in the parking ramp. I turned on the radio and realized I do still, embarrassingly, somehow know all the words to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up Now." Jeez, the useless knowledge we all carry around! As I got close to where you have to pay, I wondered why I left my car here for so needlessly long and how much parking was going to cost. Well, let me just say I should have not cursed the sports fans. Because of the game, people must have paid a flat fee for parking and now we were just all being let out. So I got to pay nothing. I bet someone could really take advantage of that if the timing were right every home game!

posted by knit wit | 2/02/2005 10:06:00 PM

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