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knit me more time...
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
turning over a new something

maybe a new leaf- but there aren't too many leaves around here in Wisconsin right now. Somehow I feel more like it is the New Year on February 2nd than it was on January 1st. Why? Well maybe it was the Miami sun (perhaps I was a little SAD like an anonymous poster suggested). More likely it was all the positive vibes swimming around the SWS meeting. Anyway, here are some not quite New Year's revolutions, but things that are positive that I am doing or have done.
  • getting up at 6am. That way, I have time plently of time for reading news, posting in and reading blogs, showering and having a good breakfast before making the bus (the past couple days I haven't even had to run to the bus stop).
  • I already began to do some committee stuff for the committee I joined and volunteered to do work for at SWS.
  • I emailed everyone I met and saw again last weekend and just thanked them for such a great time.
  • I joined the free 6 week yoga class my health insurance is offering.
  • to get me out of my previously posted about music rut, I made a new mix of songs I love and haven't listened to in forever. It is a wonderful 3-hours of music.
  • I de-joined a specific group blog that was going sour. I even stopped reading it (ok, I am trying to stop reading it). I am back to solo blogging and I love it.
Just in case this blog is too happy and shit, I will relay one irritation event from today. At the beginning of the class I had this morning, some total jerk knocked into my water bottle with his bag and spilled water all over my new (hard back) notebook and stack of readings. Now I have some blurred readings and a not-so-hardback notebook. I was really pissed when he turned and saw what he did and said nothing. I stormed out of the room twice to get paper towels to sop up the mess. Some people are so rude.

posted by knit wit | 2/01/2005 08:24:00 PM

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