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knit me more time...
Sunday, March 27, 2005
another mythic standard bites the grad school dust

Well, it is Sunday, the last day of spring "break." I feel a pretty decent sense of accomplishment. I finished some work on my own research and writing that needed attention. I caught up on work for the projects I am working on. All in all, with the exception of dogsitting, and a little random TV watching, I've been pretty busy doing what needs to be done most of the week. So, why is it I feel like there is still more to do? Because there is more I have to do! I have some seminar reading for this week (the usual Bourdieu and reaction paper), and I have my first conference presentation coming up this Saturday. I wrote that a while ago, but haven't looked at it since so it probably needs some attention. I should make transparencies for the presentation too. I should also probably rehearse it at least once, you think? But, I am growing slowly accustomed to the fact that I will never have everything done. I will never have an evening where I can sit down to eat a meal and watch a movie, knowing that everything that needs to be done is completed. Never. There will always be something more to do. There will be lots of catching up, and squeezing work in wherever I can, but there will never be a true sense of finished-ness. That's fine, really. Grad school thus far has been all about relaxing and giving up mythic standards. So, I am all for letting this one go as well. I'll feel better after I do.

posted by knit wit | 3/27/2005 09:38:00 AM

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