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knit me more time...
Thursday, March 31, 2005
conference time

I mostly likely won't be posting until Sunday. I am heading to Minneapolis for a conference in the morning. I can't focus on what I want to wear- I am far too indecisive and even deciding what to wear while traveling tomorrow is making me a little frantic. Not to mention the fact I need to do some final tweaking on my presentation and I decided only this evening to make hand outs. Getting things done at the very last minute is becoming far too common, and judging from everyone else around me, a usual occurrence for grad school. The panel I am presenting on has been a mess. And is still a mess. The first organizer was using an incorrect email address for me, and then got peeved when I didn't reply to the emails I never got. I must have missed some info about the length of the presentation and about the equipment available (such as an overhead). So, I emailed her again last month with these questions, and she replied back that she had had surgery and wouldn't be running the panel. She pointed me to a new organizer/discussant. I sent this person my paper, with the aforementioned questions and received no reply. Then, the other day she emailed everyone to say she also was not going to attend the meeting, but that our panel would be fine, sans discussant and sans organizer. Then, this morning I got an email that there is a new 3rd person who is the new organizer/discussant. So, I gathered from someone else I know from that is presenting and has presented before that I should plan to talk for 15 minutes. I gathered from someone else that that equals 8-9 pages of double-spaced text. I gather I won't have an overhead, so I decided to go with handouts. I have long quotations that I would rather not waste time reading. I guess this is how things go, but since it is my first conference presentation, I would like to go into it feeling slightly more secure and aware of what is going on. I'm sure it will go okay. I just keep trying to remind myself that my advisor said it was good practice and that generally people have said I am a good public speaker (I don't know, I never remember actually presenting anything- the more outgoing Knit Wit takes over for these presentations). I should also say that I'm not bringing any work with me. I am looking forward to hanging out with some people I see only 2 times a year and I need a break. I didn't take a break last week, and this week I am feeling some burnout. Hopefully some good food and drinks with great people and change in scenery will help me recharge.

posted by knit wit | 3/31/2005 08:58:00 PM

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