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knit me more time...
Monday, March 21, 2005
a culture of life?

I don't know what it is about this Schiavo case that is driving me nuts and pissing me off to no end. It just seems like the epitome of contradictions, hypocrisy and doublespeak. Even beyond the implications for the "sanctity of marriage" and the over 17,000 Iraqis, and over 1500 US soldiers killed in the Iraq War as I ranted about in this post. There's a great article in the Washington Post about Bush's record on life and death here. Bush on Schiavo: "...we must err on the side of life..." Bush on Karla Faye Tucker: "Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me." Let us not forgot Bush oversaw 152 executions while the governor of Texas. And let's not forgot about the baby who was taken off of life support against his parent's wishes, in Texas as a result of a Texas law (passed by none other than our president) that states the hospital can make decisions about the termination of life over the family. (as I post this, Keith Olberman has started talking about the same thing!). You can read about this here. Wait, I am comparing someone like Terri Schiavo, to a convicted killer like Karla Faye Tucker, to thousands of Iraqis, to US soldiers, and to a little baby? You bet I freakin' am. Isn't that what a "culture of life" would be all about?

posted by knit wit | 3/21/2005 06:55:00 PM

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