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knit me more time...
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
day two

It is day 2 of this headache and I'm just very tired of it. I've tried everything to get rid of it. I haven't had one like this in months. Why now? When I have so much to do this week and I need to feel focused and clear? Is it b/c I haven't been so good at sitting up straight all the time? Is it b/c I bite my lips sometimes? All I know is I have lots to get done in the next 2 days and I did nothing today. It was such a boring day it is boring to even blog about it. I have done such a shamefully small amount of my reading for class tomorrow. And I tried to go to the laundromat, but it was too bright, there were too many people in there, and my 2 favorite washers where being used. I'll do that tomorrow. And I'll try to do some more reading tonight. Jo is reading over my shoulder and wondering outloud "this is why nearly 10,000 people have visited your blog?" Yup. This is it. Yes, this is a shamefully boring blog entry. Like anyone wants to know about a 2 day headache. I will promise to blog about something interesting tomorrow. Now Jo is laughing at her humor in suggesting my blog be called "knit me more yawns." Very freakin' funny. Hey- I never pretended to be exciting.

posted by knit wit | 3/29/2005 08:36:00 PM

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