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knit me more time...
Friday, March 25, 2005
more gross

Next door there is a little Toto-like dog, Emmett. This one is more like a long mop of walking hair- all different colors and wiry- the kind of yippy little dog that I'm not usually a big fan of. Emmett and the dog I am dogsitting share a fenced in back yard. Emmett is always out there barking to come in. It kind of seems like Emmett loves the dog I am dogsitting for. He waddles along behind her (less than half her height) and watches her every move in the backyard. I think he wants to be her friend, but she is not really interested. She loves people, not so much other dogs. Our Abyssinian is the same way- she loves people and is not really into other cats. So, she ignores Emmett. And if Emmett gets too close to me, she barks at him. Well, I think tonight Emmett had enough of being all but ignored. Or maybe Emmett was mad for having his backyard territory invaded by another dog. Whatever it was, I was the recipient of something not-so-nice from the little mop-haired Toto-dog. At the end of my walk this evening, I slowly opened the gate to the back yard so I wouldn't let Emmett out. As I did this and walked into the backyard, Emmett walked up to me and lifted his leg on me. Yes, the dog peed on my shoe. I was stunned- a dog, lifting his leg on me like I was a tree or fire hydrant! Fortunately, I moved my shoe quickly so not much landed on it. I am very lucky I was wearing my water-proof hiking boots and not my suede birks I had been wearing all day. My shoe is washed and drying as I type. Just a little bit more *gross* to end my day with.

posted by knit wit | 3/25/2005 09:57:00 PM

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