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knit me more time...
Tuesday, March 01, 2005
one pissed off bean.

So, Jo is in NY doing all kinds of fun NY things. I am here in Wisconsin doing everything at the last minute, and trying not to totally loose it. That's usual for me, and I am happy for Jo that she is getting a break from my craziness! We have a cat who's nickname is "the bean". She is not happy that Jo isn't around. She has always been pretty demanding of attention (she's the one that wakes me up at night because she can't eat without me sitting with her) but she is being extra terrible right now. We have a tall book shelf in the kitchen with cookbooks and such on it, and she has taken to climbing it and knocking stuff off of it. She is very selective about what she knocks down and thankfully she misses the glass we have on there. This weekend it was Jo's little bonsai plant- rocks were spilled all over the floor and the plant is pretty chewed. Yesterday it was the cedar baskets that have scraps of yarn in them. She also likes to walk on the answering machine that sits on that shelf. She seriously records messages of herself meowing and raising hell. I got home yesterday and had 2 messages that were like this. Sometimes she even messes with the outgoing message. I can't even imagine what people think if they call and get nothing but the "pay attention to me" squeaking of a little cat. Well, they probably know they have the right number at least. I am also glad to know she is the one who opens up the cabinets in the kitchen. Whenever I go into the kitchen every cabinet is flung wide open- poltergeist style. Well, I hope it is the bean doing this. So, she is locked in the bathroom right now to chill out. But, I have to let her out to take a shower.

posted by knit wit | 3/01/2005 07:46:00 AM

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