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knit me more time...
Thursday, March 24, 2005
strange dream

I always dream a lot, sometimes I remember them and sometimes I don't. This morning I remember having an especially odd dream last night. The first part was about Fiona Apple's new album coming out. Sony had finally released it to her and she was able to release it on an independent label. I was listening to it in my dream and it was great. It's not like I have thought about how her new album is being held hostage by Sony in a while, so I am not sure how this dream came to be. Although it would be great if she could release it- I do think she is one of the most talented new artists of the past decade. The 2nd part of the dream was about my presentation coming up at MSS. The usual presentation-goes-terribly-wrong panic dream where I couldn't remember what I was talking about and didn't have any notes with me. And someone in the (small) audience stood up and asked "why is it you are using feminist theory" and I signed dramatically and said I was "tired of explaining the obvious about feminist theory." I think that last part is pretty funny as I can't imagine actually giving that as an answer at a conference, although it would be awesome. The dream did remind me that I ought to be thinking about the conference presentation (my first) that is a week from Tuesday. Holy crap! With the exception of yesterday and the doggy-drama (the dog is lying here next to me and is fine now) I felt like I got a lot of work done in the first few days of spring break- I really did do quite a bit. So, why is it that now I realize I have so much more to do? Yikes. Seriously, folks, I better focus on getting tons of work finished. Because the week after this "break" will be filled with reading for class again, and then going to the conference. If I am going to get caught up, its going to have to be now. update: the dream about Fiona Apple made me google around again about the status of the album. Its been leaked!! High quality available on bittorrent!! I'm downloading it now. Take that, Sony. Want the torrent? Email me.

posted by knit wit | 3/24/2005 07:37:00 AM

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