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knit me more time...
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
wake up call

I've been feeling kind of *blah* about blogging lately. I've also been insanely busy reading the most difficult Bourdieu book I have read to date and I still have to finish it today. I can't wait for break- not because I am going anywhere tropical like the undergrads on campus- but because I will get to catch up on some major work that I have dropped the ball on in the last couple weeks. I may not be tan at the end of spring break (I don't tan anyway- I just burn and freckle) but I'll feel so much better after accomplishing some things. Hanging out with my BBBS little sister last night was a nice break from the busy week. We watched a movie and both knit. She is getting pretty good at knitting, although I have to help her out of some mix-ups and every once in a while she'll want me to do a couple rows for her. But, seeing her sitting and concentrating on it is just very cute. She is definitely a more needy kid in terms of attention and consistency than my last "little" but I think it is going to be worth it. She's already coming out of her shell in some ways. This is a story that hasn't flown in the news. I think it is so appalling that the U.S. has snubbed the Kyoto Protocol. With the technology we have, there is not reason why we can't just change our carbon-emitting ways like everyone else on the planet is willing to do. I read in this month's Mother Jones that if everyone bought energy star appliances than it would be the equivalent of taking 17 million cars off the road. So, take non-energy star compliant appliances off the market. Jeez! How simple! Oh no- sorry- god forbid people loose the freedom to choose to destroy the environment! We really are a self-important and selfish country. How totally embarrassing. You know what else environment-related drives me nuts? Packaging. Walking through Walgreens is fun as they have almost everything a person could ever need, but also frustrating when I notice the excess of packaging everywhere. I'm one of those crazy-hippie people who thinks that deodorant shouldn't been in a box as well as in its bottle. I think the same about advil and other pills. Also, the way that allergy and cold pills are individually wrapped is just silly, silly, silly. And does a jar of face cream need the extra box with the extra cardboard holding the jar in place? I don't think so. Does lipstick also need a box? Nope. And do we really need like 100 kinds of shampoo to choose from? Do we need 30 kinds of cream? No. I think less would suffice. I think 20 kinds of shampoo and 10 kinds of cream is plenty. Maybe that means I should move to Sweden. Someone told me once that a person has 2 toilets to choose from when they build a house in Sweden. Both low-water models. Who needs to choose from more than 2 toilets when they build a house? Call me socialist- but that seems totally reasonable to me. Okay- I have to work on Bourdieu now and stop ranting. It could go on longer, but I'll save it for later.

posted by knit wit | 3/16/2005 07:39:00 AM

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