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knit me more time...
Saturday, April 30, 2005
unnecessary detail

News of the teacher I know from my old high school who had an inappropriate relationships with a 17 year old student has now spread to various news outlets around Maine, as well as N.H. and Boston as well as around my hometown. I've gotten emails from others I went to high school with that are full of shock and sadness. Everyone knows the teacher involved- she was one of those rare teachers who went the extra mile all the time for students- she helped students graduate from high school, she was there for students who were dealing with too much, and she wrote lots of letters of recommendation. What she was thinking when she made this mistake, I don't know, but I can't help feeling immense sadness about the whole situation. I'm over a thousand miles away right now, but I can feel the scandal even from here. Everyone in town knows Ms. Lepkowski, and everyone knows who the student involved was. Gossip doesn't take much to travel around when everyone sees everyone at the grocery store. When my mother first heard about this on Wednesday, she called the hairdresser- who else would know all the details? The newspaper article that broke the story has been bugging me ever since I read it on Thursday (the one linked to in my last post). The article has so much unnecessary detail in it- graphic, personal descriptions that people don't need to know. As if something like this happening isn't terrible enough for everyone who went to Morse, knew Ms. Lepkowski or still goes to Morse and is close to the situation. Thanks to this dramatic newspaper article, liken to something in the National Inquirer, a specific detail (the ear licking) has been picked up by most other news reports. I wrote a letter to the editor about my disgust with the article yesterday. I wonder if the article is over-dramatic because the incident is between a female student and a female teacher. I also wonder if newspaper accounts of a male teacher and a female student would be so dramatic and detailed. Anyway, it is the weekend and I am dogsitting. I need to somehow fit in running errands (including a trip to the yarn store) with a canoe trip (I think canoeing is helping my neck and shoulders immensely) and with getting some work done. Is this really the last week of the semester and is tomorrow really May 1st? Jeezum freakin' crow (as we would have said in HS). I'm just trying to hang on...

posted by knit wit | 4/30/2005 08:43:00 AM

Thursday, April 28, 2005
oh. my. god.

Wow. I was very wrong when I posted that the live webcams were the only excitement in my hometown. I was very wrong. Morse High School teacher arrested...

posted by knit wit | 4/28/2005 09:43:00 PM

nothing better to post

how is that for the title of a post? I've been too busy to blog, and even though I have all these ideas all the time about things to blog, I haven't had a chance for a full posting in a couple days. So, this will have to suffice, okay? A couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful potluck of international foods. Well, a woman I worked for felt badly about missing the potluck, so the next day she brought in her own international food from Thailand. To be more exact, she brought in canned crickets from Thailand. She is an entomologist and she has traveled a lot (and she has a wonderfully sick sense of humor) so this he food contribution made a lot of sense. She brought the can into my office and I (also having a kind of sick sense of humor) encouaged her to put them out on a plate in the breakroom. She did, and added some chives as a garnish. This grossed so many people out during the course of the day that someone put a towel over the bugs before they heated up their lunch. Chris and I thought it was just so funny. At one point I made it look like one of the crickets was trying to escape from the bowl, but I don't have a picture of that. Chris was the only one who ate one I think. Anyway, here's some international food for you. Organic and very high in protein! Image hosted by

posted by knit wit | 4/28/2005 01:27:00 PM

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Yankee, indeed.

Joining in the fun with Nina and Ang, I decided to see what kind of American English I speak. I don't know how the Dixie snuck in (I've only been south of DC about 3 times in my life), but some how I've been in the midwest (the upper midwest, to be more precise) for 3 years (ohmygod, three whole years??) without picking up much.

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English
40% Yankee
5% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

posted by knit wit | 4/26/2005 09:54:00 PM

exciting news!

Someone in my hometown must have been very bored (I can understand that, I felt pretty bored growing up there), or the first webcam they set up on Front Street was so popular that they had to add a second webcam. Yes, folks, there are now two webcams focused on quaint little downtown Bath. The first is only of Front Street. The new one is of the intersection of Front Street and Center Street (gasp!) and offers (according to the website) a great view of the sunrise. check them out!

posted by knit wit | 4/26/2005 01:03:00 PM

Monday, April 25, 2005
kid fears

Today on the bus ride home, I thought about this summer's upcoming prelim. I was actually trying to figure out what I was more afraid of-- failing the prelim, or the three months spent studying for the prelim, or the stress that I will need to keep in check while study, or it will wreck havic with my soul and body. And then the Indigo Girls' song Kid Fears came on. This song always reminds me of my first year of college at Hofstra University. I had a little group of first year theatre major friends, Sherri, Taryn, Stacey and Tom*. We were all fresh out of small towns, and very enthusiastic about being out on our own. Looking back on it, I realize how very serious and intense we were about exploring the world (which at that point was Hempstead and NYC) and figuring who were were out as individuals. We were all doing so much for the first time- coming out, drinking, staying out all night, taking the train in at 5am and you don't want to know what else... We were all very devoted to each other. We would spend hours and hours and hours talking in the middle of the night and really validated each other as people. When I had my first big Master Electrician job, on opening night the group made me cards and paper flowers (I still have them). I had never felt so supported by a group of friends before. Well, we would sit around and sing Kid Fears, realizing how separate we were all of a sudden from our kid fears. Taryn would play the guitar and Stacey and I would do the Michael Stipe parts in the background. Afterward we would make Taryn sing White Rabbit and Me & Bobby McGee (she sounded just like Janis, I swear). Now I wish I had my kid fears (or even my first year of college fears) to worry about instead of big things like a prelim exam. *I miss these people a lot sometimes. (More than I miss 99% of my HS classmates, although we went to school for 12+ years with each other.) We all scattered and went our separate ways after our first year (after we figured out we hated Hofstra). I haven't seen any of them in 10 years. I was in touch with Sherri, but we lost touch a while back. Taryn married our friend Tim, and they have kids and I get little cute picture cards from them sometimes at christmas. Stacey and Tom are god knows were- I google them sometimes and can never find them. I just like to imagine that we'll all meet up some day.

posted by knit wit | 4/25/2005 03:39:00 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2005
a windy canoe trip

Yesterday we went out with the canoe again. We didn't go very far as it was very windy. We were literally being blown all over the place. Obviously, canoeing with the wind was easier than against, so we did that for a little while and on the way back (fighting the wind the whole way) we got some serious exercise. We met some other canoers who live quite close to us- very nice people. It's windy again today, but I think we'll go out again. Here's some pictures of the creek, taken pretty close to where we live. Clearly, I love taking pictures of trees and there are some beautiful old trees all over the place here. A tree near where we live. Image hosted by Here's the part of the creek where it branches off- the the right the creek goes to Olbrich Gardens and Lake Monona and to the left it goes up through some farmland. Image hosted by The same tree as before but from the other side. Image hosted by Image hosted by

posted by knit wit | 4/24/2005 09:02:00 AM

Friday, April 22, 2005
is it Friday already?

This week went by really fast. I got a lot accomplished though, but I have lots more to do. I am entering that end-of-the-semester-overdrive mode and that is good because usually that means I get a lot done. But, when my dad suggested last night on the phone that the coming end of the semester was a good thing, I found myself saying no. Instead I think I would like the semester could just continue on for a while, with weekly papers and readings and all, therefore extending the time before prelim studying needs to begin. I had to send in information this morning to the managing editor of a journal I wrote a book review for. They asked me for my institutional affiliation- "prof. or asst. prof" (um, try grad student) and asked me for a "biographical statement including books I've written and articles published in journals" (not yet, folks). I just wrote about my research interests. Everyone has to start somewhere. I guess progress would be that even a year ago I couldn't really articulate what my research interests were and now I can. Progress, indeed. Other highlights of my week include finally finding New York-style pizza, by the slice, on the East Side of Madison. I took my BBBS little sister to the Roman Candle, the new pizza place on Willy Street, yesterday after giving her a little tour of the UW campus. Not only is the pizza sold by the slice, but they have white pizza, all kinds of wondrous toppings (artichokes, pine nuts and feta to name a few), all kinds of wonderful beer (I only took note of the Great Dane beer on tap given that my little sister with me) and the slices are the perfect size for folding in half to eat. The pizza chef came out to ask us how the pizza was and when I told him it was great, just like the pizza I missed from back in NYC, he thumped me on the arm and exclaimed "that's the best compliment you could give me!" in an adorable Bronx accent. We chatted for a while about missing NYC pizza and bagels, and I told him I would definitely be back to eat more pizza. And I can't forget the most exciting thing I have done so far at work, putting this picture of Bush online for an upcoming talk. I had to work with the freakin' picture for a while- resizing it and such which made me feel a little queasy. While I was googling around for a decent-quality image of Koch, I found this political caricature of him (I do love political caricatures). I don't know any German, so I put the text into the google translate tool and got this: "I woman of nothing, I clear nevertheless only up." That first part is pretty interesting, but the last part clearly isn't translated correctly. While I am on the subject of translations between German and English, Jo and I went back and forth with the guy from her German record label about the translated into English description of her music on their website. He wanted at one point to say her music was like "navel-gazing" and it took us quite a bit to convince him that that wasn't something you said in English, unless you were truly describing looking at someone's belly-button. Finally, we told him it would make people laugh and he changed it. This is by far my favorite description of her music "Island comes purring like a kitten, lulling you on, so that you long to take a glass of wine in a soft warm sofa."

posted by knit wit | 4/22/2005 08:10:00 AM

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
"hey it's me, I'm on the bus"

Usually I love bus rides. I love the time to listen to music and either look out the window or read. Yesterday I forgot to bring reading with me, so I was more than content to just watch everything go by out the window. But my bus ride home yesterday was truly terrible. There was a guy sitting in the way back of the bus, talking extraordinarily loud on his cell phone. It was as if he wanted us to all be painfully aware of his irritating presence on the bus (and we were painfully aware). For the few minutes he wasn't on the phone he whistled loudly. People turned around and glanced back to see who he was. One woman picked up her stuff and moved to the front of the bus. I kept trying to find loud songs (like Kate Bush's Big Sky and Ani Difranco's Recoil) and turned the volume up really loud, but drowning him out was impossible. So, I couldn't help but overhear all his conversations in detail. We all could. Here are some gems, with my commentary in brackets. "Hey, I'm on the bus. Yup, for 20 more minutes or so [good god, 20 more minutes??]. Yeah we can hang out later..." "[with another person] What? Jenny stopped by with her sister? Wow- the twins! I missed them! Wait- let me call my job and see if they stopped by there- I'm on the bus. I'll call work and call you back. [why don't you not do that] I have a thing for that Jenny..." "[talking with a different person] Hey- did twins stop by for me? They're blonde. One has scars on her face... I think they drive a purple or blue car. I don't know though. I'll check with Mike and call you back. thank you, thanks. [at least he is polite to the people he works with although not to us stuck on the bus with him]" "[someone else] Hey Mike, do the twins drive a purple or blue car?... A neon? Purple. Okay. I'll call you back. I am on the bus [yes, we know that, asshole]. Yeah, for 15 more minutes." "[on with work again] Did twins in a purple neon come by for me? No? Really? Are you sure? Check the parking lot. Okay. One had a scar on her face. They're blonde. Okay, thanks for checking. [and this almost made me laugh out loud] I have to go I am on the bus." "Oh man, I have such a thing for Jenny. No, I guess they didn't stop by work. Maybe we'll see them later... I'm on the bus for 10 more minutes. Someone is picking me up when I get off the bus. I took the bus, I didn't want to walk. Yeah, I'll see you later." [and the conversations went on and on and on...] I wonder what his deal was. Was he just really excited about his cell phone ability to communicate with people anywhere? Maybe he really wanted to let all his friends know how cool he was for talking on the phone on the bus. Maybe he was doing one of those intro to sociology breaching experiments like when students stand backwards and talk to themselves in an elevator? Maybe he was trying to show how cool he thought he was to all of us, while actually driving everyone out of their minds?

posted by knit wit | 4/20/2005 07:37:00 AM

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
a little insomnia goes a long way

I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep after that. And in this trying-to-fall-asleep state, all I could think about was everything I have to do, haven't done, ought to do etc... I haven't had that experience in a while. Actually, lately I've been feeling pretty healthy about grad school. I've been adjusting to this strange world since I got here, but more recently I've made some healthy decisions and subtle changes based on some shifts in my perceptions. Since then, I've been feeling more positive and less stressed out about everything. So, I don't know what last night's insomnia was all about. I haven't worked as much as I would like on my own writing, and that does kind of make me miserable after a little while. I'm also more than ready to be done with classes. The email announcing the summer prelim date also went out yesterday and I know I'll be seriously studying in just 2 weeks. So, that kind of brings on little, miniature panic attacks whenever I think about it. Given the August 1st prelim, and work, I don't know how much fun I'll have this summer. I am going to Maine for my reunion. I'm not sure if I am mildly looking forward to it or mildly dreading it. I think I am going to fly to NJ again and drive up to Maine with Jony, so that is something to look forward to. And there will be lots of canoeing trips snuck in and around studying this summer- either as short as an hour or longer if we want. I am just so happy we bought the canoe. It's my new favorite thing to do with Jo. We row around, talk, coordinate our rowing and watch wildlife.

posted by knit wit | 4/19/2005 07:27:00 AM

Monday, April 18, 2005
canoe trip #2

Yes, I am sore again this morning. Yesterday (Sunday), we took the canoe out for alittle more than an hour. Next time, we have to bring the camera because we missed too many great pictures. It is just great to have such wildlife right within city limits and as accessible as dropping the canoe in the creek. Here's some of the wildlife we saw:
  • A Green Heron- such a beautiful and odd looking bird! We had seen this bird before outside our apartment on the creek, but never up close enough to identify it.
  • A goose sitting on her nest. She just watched us as we canoed by twice. It almost seemed like we were bothering her. We might go back and check on how she is and take a picture.
  • 3-4 turtles of different sizes with redish markings.
  • A couple of otters. One swam along side of us for a while.
  • A bunch of ducks (of course).
  • Tons of dragon flies.

posted by knit wit | 4/18/2005 07:37:00 AM

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Our maiden voyage on the canoe was wonderful. We spent about an hour out there this morning and got the hang of it really very quickly. The creek is really beautiful. We went down a ways near Olbrich Gardens, but didn't venture into the lake yet. Maybe next weekend. But, now I am very sore. Not so much my arms (yet- I'm sure tomorrow they'll hurt) but everything else is sore instead, most likely from lifting the canoe a bunch of times. As it turns out, walking up Bascom Hill and spending the rest of my time sitting at a desk isn't very good exercise. I've been plugging away at work, but I feel mostly very sleepy. So sleepy I am considering falling asleep on the couch. But, if that happens my night will be shot. When I take a nap I spend the rest of the evening trying to wake up, not feeling more refreshed. I suppose that could be okay though.

posted by knit wit | 4/16/2005 04:11:00 PM

Have canoe, will paddle.

Yesterday Jo and I made a large and exciting purchase, courtesy of our tax refund from Uncle Sam! We got everything we needed to begin exploring the Madison waterways- paddles, life jackets and a dry bag (for the camera). We are going to have to re-organize our hall closet to make room for the canoe accessories. In the meantime, our living room with paddles and life jackets propped up in the corner has a kind of a summer-cabin-in-Maine-look. (In that case, maybe we'll leave the wooden paddles out.) Its a canoe, just home from the sporting goods store! We named her Polly Jean. She is 15 feet long and weighs 86 pounds! (thank goodness we have a long station wagon!) Image hosted by Here's another shot of the canoe, and to the left is the creek. Image hosted by And a shot of the creek itself, taken last summer. This creek has just been begging for us to get a canoe for the last 3 years. I don't know why we waited so long! Image hosted by Today we are going to paddle around a little just sticking to the creek. Jo has never canoed (I used to canoe a lot growing up) so I am going to teach her the basics. Maybe the end of the summer, my arms won't be so scrawny! UPDATE: I released that I forgot we needed a 3rd paddle. We'll have to pick up one of those before we venture very far, lest we get stuck in the middle of lake Monona with only one paddle to get us home. The other great thing about a 3rd paddle, is that we have a 3rd seat. The seat doubles as a cooler (for beer and sandwiches of course) but will also be great for taking someone else canoeing with us. Want to come? Just let us know when!

posted by knit wit | 4/16/2005 09:07:00 AM

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My laptop is back! Actually, I got it back just 3 hours after apple posted yesterday morning that it had been fixed and packaged up. I don't know how they got it back to me so quickly. I even mentioned that to the delivery person. He added "wow- and it says on my shipping invoice that I had to have it delivered before noon." Just how does something go from Tennessee to Wisconsin in 3 hours? So, I am wireless again, and finally catching up on reading blogs, all while drinking a great mug of coffee and watching the news in bed. I love mornings. I get up 2 and a half hours before I leave the house just so that I can have mornings like this. The sun streams in through our amber-colored bedroom curtains and the birds from the trees and field across the creek are so very persistant in their churping and whistling. Even my neighbor's dogs howling dramatically after she leaves doesn't bother me. But, let me just express total horror that it is April 14th. April 14th! Ack! What the hell happened to this semester? I would still very much love to write another article draft. Maybe this weekend that will happen. Actually, it will have to happen or I'll begin feeling grumpy and sad about not getting any of my own writing done. But, I also have some other work I need to move on very soon. And a presentation in a class tomorrow that means I'll spend the even working on my keynote presentation. The last weeks of this semester need to be super productive. Not to mention the fact that I need to start the serious prelim studying that will suck the fun out of my summer this coming May 1st. Well now I've killed the relaxing moment I was having here in bed drinking my coffee. I think I'll get up now and begin this productivity by cleaning off my desk...

posted by knit wit | 4/14/2005 07:21:00 AM

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
geek news

I just got an email from apple that my ibook is fixed and on its way back to me. I love that they are so very speedy with repairs. It was dead starting Thursday and all weekend, I called Friday for the repair, the box arrived and it was sent out Monday morning, fixed Tuesday, and shipped out early this morning. I really do have a dependency on my laptop and the internet. Without it, I am less connected to everything- I read less news online, don't read blogs, and I don't blog as much. I am also more scattered and less organized. And in other geek news... apple has announced that the newest operating system, Tiger, is coming out at the end of the month! I've been waiting for this for a while now. Very exciting!

posted by knit wit | 4/13/2005 07:46:00 AM

Monday, April 11, 2005
mystery solved!

I've gotten a couple email responses to people about my last entry about the Drinkers with a Running Problem group that actually shed some light on what it is all about. Here's a link to a website about what is known as "hashing." It seems this is some kind of international activity (google shows "Hash House Harrier" groups all over the world) and is described in these passages as: may be the perfect combination of exercise, social interaction and, well, beer. We are runners, but without a great emphasis on speed. Hence the slogan "Drinkers with a running problem".
Sounds interesting... if it weren't for the strange dressing up, and the fact that website refers to men as "grand masters" and women as "matresses" (UGH!) this could be my kind of exercise... P.S. I am way behind on reading blogs. I am actually way behind on mostly everything, but especially reading my usual blogs. I don't have my laptop, so I don't have wireless. Usually I sit in bed and drink coffee and read blogs (and watch the news) in the early morning. Now I just watch the news. I really hope my laptop comes back soon! Being tied to a desk is just terrible!

posted by knit wit | 4/11/2005 04:09:00 PM

Sunday, April 10, 2005
phone marathon

I don't talk to my best friend from home as often as I should. We are both so busy. When we do talk, we end up talking for 2+ hours and we could easly talk for longer than that. We have to cover everything- life, work, school, various stories, political events and frustration. Everything. And I always feel validated and better after talking with her. There just isn't enough time. It is never a chore to hang out with her either- I'd drop anything to do so. Perhaps if we tried to talk more often we wouldn't need to have marathon Sunday phone conversations that leave my ear red and sore. This might happen, but then again we are both so busy! Perhaps this summer for my reunion, I'll fly to NJ again and drive up to Maine with her. It is cheaper to fly to NJ than Maine and we do love the driving time to catch up. [this is mushier than my usual postings, I know. I also know that my best friend from home doesn't read my blog and we are rarely mushy about our friendship. It just kind of is.]

posted by knit wit | 4/10/2005 02:42:00 PM

Saturday, April 09, 2005
"drinkers with a running problem"

There is a path in the field, across the creek in our backyard and we frequently see people jogging or walking their dogs on it. Well, this evening I was sitting in the kitchen, and looked up to see a bride, bridesmaids, flowergirls and a groom running on the path across the creek. I immediately thought this must have been some kind of wedding-induced spontaneous romp in a field. But then, a few more brides went by, complete with vales and flowers. Then some more grooms, and a bunch of bridesmaids and finally, an old man in a wedding dress walking further behind them. I was stumped- what the hell goes on here anyway? I stopped into Woodman's to get some potatoes for dinner later on. On my way out to my car, a woman in the car next to mine asked "are you Knit Wit?" I nodded and she said "I'm not stalking you, I was the person who took a picture of your car for the Capital Times last summer and I recognized your car" (For those who don't remember check this out.) We laughed about how my car ended up on a billboard for a couple minutes, and then I noticed she was wearing a frilly yellow bridesmaid-type dress. So, I decided to ask about it, even though it seemed incredibly rude. I mean, what if she had really been in an afternoon wedding. I asked "Why are you wearing that" and then I quickly added "I'm asking because before when I was at home I saw a bunch of people running around across the creek in wedding garb." She replied, "yes, I was there!" and then I proceeded to explain why it was so strange- all those brides, grooms, bridesmaids and even the old man in the dress running around across the creek. She explained: "Oh- it is our "Drinkers with a Running Problem" group." She offered this explanation as if it not only made perfect sense, but as if it cleared up all that was strange about the people running around in wedding garb. Needless to say it did neither. We laughed awkwardly and I said goodbye and drove away. Now, what exactly is a "drinkers with a running problem" group? Why were there also children there- dressed as flower girls and ring bearers?

posted by knit wit | 4/09/2005 09:27:00 PM

Friday, April 08, 2005
tinfoil hat

After my last post on going to walmart today, I decided the boring post could be spruced up by a picture of a tinfoil hat. So, I plugged "tinfoil hat" into google images. Here is the most relevant picture I found. This one has it all- the gift certificate, walmart, a SUV and even a black helicopter above. No visible tinfoil hat though, so I wonder how it came up in my search results. Image hosted by This picture is so interesting and frightening that I had to post it. I don't know if it is a joke or not. I guess it must not be- perhaps the tinfoil hats here are meant to keep out the liberal media?? Image hosted by

posted by knit wit | 4/08/2005 05:53:00 PM


Yes, I went to the evil walmart today. I had to go. My aunt got me a gift certificate there for my birthday. Clearly, she doesn't know me very well as anyone who does knows how much I loath walmart. Well, I guess I didn't have to go today. I did it to put off the work I am re-doing b/c my computer died the other day. I actually went to walmart to procrastinate in a new and different way. (And notice that now I am procrastinating again by blogging!) I spent an hour in walmart trying to figure out how to spend $50 bucks. I got one of those usb "jump drives," but with walmart's rolling back prices, it was only $19. I wandered around the store in a near daze. The place is so crammed with stuff it is overwhelming. They had a few different radios in different parts of the store playing-- that's right-- walmart commercials!! I felt like I should have been wearing a tinfoil hat to keep the propaganda out. I ended up with the jump drive, a salad spinner, a nifty battery-operated toothbrush, a notebook, and some not needed but too cheap not to buy tupperware. I feel like there must have been something else I bought, but probably not, just stuff that when you get it home it is like you bought nothing at all. My laptop is going in for repair- they are sending out a box for it today. I have tons to do this weekend, and I lost some work I didn't back up quickly enough, so I am not really pleased with this. My backup computer is my old, orange ibook. It is about 1/20 of the power and memory as my current computer, and I installed the latest operating system on it so it is stretched way too thin and doesn't work so great. Thus, the jump drive to back things up periodically. I am absolutely thrilled with the greenness of the grass. And I sat out on the roof today for a while with some coworkers and the sun felt so good. But, I could feel myself burning. Oh yeah- that's the other thing I bought at walmart- 2 different kinds of spf 45 sunscreen.

posted by knit wit | 4/08/2005 05:14:00 PM

Thursday, April 07, 2005
is nothing sacred?

Oh my god. This makes me want to cry right here at work. Where else can a person sit on top of a mountain and see nothing but pine trees for miles and miles? I just can't imagine. I think this calls for some hiking and climbing of Mt. Katahdin again soon to enjoy the splendor before they start chipping away at that too. Head to Baxter State Park soon folks, and enjoy the hiking, climbing and solitude while you still can. Yeah, yeah, people need jobs. I know the people of Maine need jobs. But, there are plenty of other places in Maine (old mill towns, old farming communities) that are already developed, already have people living there, and aren't a part of the wild, middle part of Maine that is the largest piece of undeveloped land east of the Mississippi river. I think I feel sick.

posted by knit wit | 4/07/2005 12:34:00 PM

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
spring street*

I feel a comforting shift in my life. I don't know where it came from- this past weekend in Minneapolis, traveling to Minneapolis (road trips are always good for the soul), the arrival of spring or the fact I turned 28 today. It's probably a combination of all of that. I can't describe this very well other than to say it is like a shift in perspective. Like I can suddenly see more around me, clearer and from a different angle. Isn't it amazing when one thing someone says resonates in your head and can turn your perspective around and make everything make more sense? * In terms of Spring Street by Dar Williams, I highly recommend the version on Out There Live, as it is so much more thoughtful and intense than the original on The Green World. This is my favorite spring song, the title of the post, and the title of my current ipod mix. "I was thinking about the easy courage of my distant friends. They said I could let this bridge wash out and never make amends..." I also have to say I love all the lyrics to this song, and this one is especially important today "this year April had a blizzard just to show she didn't care" as it snowed the day I was born in 1977.

posted by knit wit | 4/05/2005 06:20:00 PM

Monday, April 04, 2005
how do folks get to my blog (2)

This post is for Trina- who drove me all around Minneapolis on Saturday, lead us to great beer and pizza Friday night, and told me she loved the first time I did this. Brace yourself, the 2nd edition is even funnier.
  • "her short leg": this one must have to do with my aunt and how she refers to the leg she lost half of has from diabetes complications. But, that still doesn't explain why would someone google this exact phrase. I don't think I want to know.
  • howie becker email: I have no idea why someone would look for that on my blog. I don't think I've ever mentioned sociologist Howard Becker (Howie?), nor do I have his email address.
  • "feces gift basket": This one needs some explaining. It was initially shocking to me, but now I understand. A while back I blogged about funny lines from the show "Six Feet Under." I still wonder though why someone would search for that online.
  • my water is salty in the morning with water softener: Ummm, yes, that's a problem. And I'm sure my blog didn't help you solve it either.
  • fafa drunk shaming: I'm not sure what to make of this one. I call my grandfather "fafa" but beyond that I just don't know.
  • "Drop kick me jesus through the goal post of life": My favorite lyric from Nunsense.
  • papal porn: I'm just not even going to go near this. I'm sure, though, that they didn't find what they were looking for.
  • "biw" torrent: This one is interesting. There is BIW, the shipyard in my hometown and then there is bit torrent, a method for sharing files online. I think the person was a little mixed up.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005
back from the twin cities...

I'm home from the conference I was at this weekend. I have a lot to blog about- but the antidotes go along with pictures, AND I made the mistake of not bringing my digital camera so I had to buy a disposable one. I made this same mistake in Miami and missed some great pictures there. The weekend was great. I didn't bring any work with me, so it was a brief respite from that. I hung out with some wonderful people, took pictures at the Mary Tyler Moore statue, ate some truly great pizza and drank some beer. A friend of mine who lives in Minneapolis drove me all around the area and showed me the Mississippi river and other sites. I was pleasantly surprised I loved the city so much- I didn't expect to. My presentation went good- I was very glad to have that done with. The drive to Minneapolis and back was filled with farmland with all the character of wonderful barns and houses, and crops groomed into straight rows. That's all for now- when I get the pictures developed and scanned in, I will have more things to post.

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Friday, April 01, 2005
I haven't left yet...

I just have to blog about this. Blogging seems to be so much on my mind that as I was dreaming these long, vivid, and complicated dreams, I was thinking "I have to blog." I had a dream that it was election night, 2008. Much like election night 2004, I was online and watching PBS at the same time. Condi was running against Kerry (yikes, another candidate couldn't be found?) and much like 2004, I thought and preyed that Kerry would win. Instead, Condi won, and my dream turned into some kind of nightmare about an axe murderer. I woke up from that at 2am and went to check the locks on the doors. I had another dream about my high school technical theatre direction, Mr. M (who left my HS and moved to Florida after his wife, the director of our plays, passed away from cancer my junior year). I went back to my old high school to visit and they had just won the state One Act Play competition. The new technical direction he had talked to Mr. M. and told me that Mr. M. asked about me and missed me. In the dream this made me cry. So, putting the election and axe murderer dreams aside, the 3rd dream makes me want to look up Mr. M. I'd love to see him again. I think he and Mrs. M. were partly responsible for me "you can always do better than that" attitude as they always pushed us to each work harder and do better than we thought possible.

posted by knit wit | 4/01/2005 07:01:00 AM

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