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knit me more time...
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
"hey it's me, I'm on the bus"

Usually I love bus rides. I love the time to listen to music and either look out the window or read. Yesterday I forgot to bring reading with me, so I was more than content to just watch everything go by out the window. But my bus ride home yesterday was truly terrible. There was a guy sitting in the way back of the bus, talking extraordinarily loud on his cell phone. It was as if he wanted us to all be painfully aware of his irritating presence on the bus (and we were painfully aware). For the few minutes he wasn't on the phone he whistled loudly. People turned around and glanced back to see who he was. One woman picked up her stuff and moved to the front of the bus. I kept trying to find loud songs (like Kate Bush's Big Sky and Ani Difranco's Recoil) and turned the volume up really loud, but drowning him out was impossible. So, I couldn't help but overhear all his conversations in detail. We all could. Here are some gems, with my commentary in brackets. "Hey, I'm on the bus. Yup, for 20 more minutes or so [good god, 20 more minutes??]. Yeah we can hang out later..." "[with another person] What? Jenny stopped by with her sister? Wow- the twins! I missed them! Wait- let me call my job and see if they stopped by there- I'm on the bus. I'll call work and call you back. [why don't you not do that] I have a thing for that Jenny..." "[talking with a different person] Hey- did twins stop by for me? They're blonde. One has scars on her face... I think they drive a purple or blue car. I don't know though. I'll check with Mike and call you back. thank you, thanks. [at least he is polite to the people he works with although not to us stuck on the bus with him]" "[someone else] Hey Mike, do the twins drive a purple or blue car?... A neon? Purple. Okay. I'll call you back. I am on the bus [yes, we know that, asshole]. Yeah, for 15 more minutes." "[on with work again] Did twins in a purple neon come by for me? No? Really? Are you sure? Check the parking lot. Okay. One had a scar on her face. They're blonde. Okay, thanks for checking. [and this almost made me laugh out loud] I have to go I am on the bus." "Oh man, I have such a thing for Jenny. No, I guess they didn't stop by work. Maybe we'll see them later... I'm on the bus for 10 more minutes. Someone is picking me up when I get off the bus. I took the bus, I didn't want to walk. Yeah, I'll see you later." [and the conversations went on and on and on...] I wonder what his deal was. Was he just really excited about his cell phone ability to communicate with people anywhere? Maybe he really wanted to let all his friends know how cool he was for talking on the phone on the bus. Maybe he was doing one of those intro to sociology breaching experiments like when students stand backwards and talk to themselves in an elevator? Maybe he was trying to show how cool he thought he was to all of us, while actually driving everyone out of their minds?

posted by knit wit | 4/20/2005 07:37:00 AM

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