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knit me more time...
Friday, April 22, 2005
is it Friday already?

This week went by really fast. I got a lot accomplished though, but I have lots more to do. I am entering that end-of-the-semester-overdrive mode and that is good because usually that means I get a lot done. But, when my dad suggested last night on the phone that the coming end of the semester was a good thing, I found myself saying no. Instead I think I would like the semester could just continue on for a while, with weekly papers and readings and all, therefore extending the time before prelim studying needs to begin. I had to send in information this morning to the managing editor of a journal I wrote a book review for. They asked me for my institutional affiliation- "prof. or asst. prof" (um, try grad student) and asked me for a "biographical statement including books I've written and articles published in journals" (not yet, folks). I just wrote about my research interests. Everyone has to start somewhere. I guess progress would be that even a year ago I couldn't really articulate what my research interests were and now I can. Progress, indeed. Other highlights of my week include finally finding New York-style pizza, by the slice, on the East Side of Madison. I took my BBBS little sister to the Roman Candle, the new pizza place on Willy Street, yesterday after giving her a little tour of the UW campus. Not only is the pizza sold by the slice, but they have white pizza, all kinds of wondrous toppings (artichokes, pine nuts and feta to name a few), all kinds of wonderful beer (I only took note of the Great Dane beer on tap given that my little sister with me) and the slices are the perfect size for folding in half to eat. The pizza chef came out to ask us how the pizza was and when I told him it was great, just like the pizza I missed from back in NYC, he thumped me on the arm and exclaimed "that's the best compliment you could give me!" in an adorable Bronx accent. We chatted for a while about missing NYC pizza and bagels, and I told him I would definitely be back to eat more pizza. And I can't forget the most exciting thing I have done so far at work, putting this picture of Bush online for an upcoming talk. I had to work with the freakin' picture for a while- resizing it and such which made me feel a little queasy. While I was googling around for a decent-quality image of Koch, I found this political caricature of him (I do love political caricatures). I don't know any German, so I put the text into the google translate tool and got this: "I woman of nothing, I clear nevertheless only up." That first part is pretty interesting, but the last part clearly isn't translated correctly. While I am on the subject of translations between German and English, Jo and I went back and forth with the guy from her German record label about the translated into English description of her music on their website. He wanted at one point to say her music was like "navel-gazing" and it took us quite a bit to convince him that that wasn't something you said in English, unless you were truly describing looking at someone's belly-button. Finally, we told him it would make people laugh and he changed it. This is by far my favorite description of her music "Island comes purring like a kitten, lulling you on, so that you long to take a glass of wine in a soft warm sofa."

posted by knit wit | 4/22/2005 08:10:00 AM

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