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knit me more time...
Saturday, April 30, 2005
unnecessary detail

News of the teacher I know from my old high school who had an inappropriate relationships with a 17 year old student has now spread to various news outlets around Maine, as well as N.H. and Boston as well as around my hometown. I've gotten emails from others I went to high school with that are full of shock and sadness. Everyone knows the teacher involved- she was one of those rare teachers who went the extra mile all the time for students- she helped students graduate from high school, she was there for students who were dealing with too much, and she wrote lots of letters of recommendation. What she was thinking when she made this mistake, I don't know, but I can't help feeling immense sadness about the whole situation. I'm over a thousand miles away right now, but I can feel the scandal even from here. Everyone in town knows Ms. Lepkowski, and everyone knows who the student involved was. Gossip doesn't take much to travel around when everyone sees everyone at the grocery store. When my mother first heard about this on Wednesday, she called the hairdresser- who else would know all the details? The newspaper article that broke the story has been bugging me ever since I read it on Thursday (the one linked to in my last post). The article has so much unnecessary detail in it- graphic, personal descriptions that people don't need to know. As if something like this happening isn't terrible enough for everyone who went to Morse, knew Ms. Lepkowski or still goes to Morse and is close to the situation. Thanks to this dramatic newspaper article, liken to something in the National Inquirer, a specific detail (the ear licking) has been picked up by most other news reports. I wrote a letter to the editor about my disgust with the article yesterday. I wonder if the article is over-dramatic because the incident is between a female student and a female teacher. I also wonder if newspaper accounts of a male teacher and a female student would be so dramatic and detailed. Anyway, it is the weekend and I am dogsitting. I need to somehow fit in running errands (including a trip to the yarn store) with a canoe trip (I think canoeing is helping my neck and shoulders immensely) and with getting some work done. Is this really the last week of the semester and is tomorrow really May 1st? Jeezum freakin' crow (as we would have said in HS). I'm just trying to hang on...

posted by knit wit | 4/30/2005 08:43:00 AM

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