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knit me more time...
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
I have no need for anger with intimate strangers*

I got an email today detailing some of my upcoming high school reunion. It was semi-long and even irritating in all the details. Something about how instead of the reunion lasting from 6-12 it was only going to be from 7-11 (I think 4 hours is plenty) and something else about a silent auction we are supposed to bring stuff for, in anticipation of paying for our next reunion. And something else about bringing pictures of our lives and families for some kind of video-collage. I guess I could bring pictures of Jo, our cats and our canoe. But, really, spare me all the little details and just hand me a beer or two as soon as I get there! Mostly I am just curious about the reunion. I have only kept in touch with 1 person from my class (Jony) and have badly kept not-so-in-touch with 1 other person (James). Despite small town gossip, I know very little about what everyone else is up to. I am also anticipating it to some degree because I am so very different now than I was in high school. I am pretty much the same person, but my trajectory has veered pretty radically from what anyone in high school might have imagined. Let's compare. High School: - I hung out with mostly all guys. My best friend (James) was a guy- people thought we were surely going to end up married as we were already attached at the hip. Jony and I were mostly best friends before and after high school, not so much during. Now: - I don't have many friends who are guys. This isn't on purpose, it just happened. James and I didn't end up getting married (clearly), much to his mother's dismay. We both came out. He lives in L.A. now with his boyfriend. High School: - My best friend (James) and I just listened to show tunes. I also listened to some Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge (hello. who needed to come out?) and with Jony I listened to all Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel, but James in high school, it was all show tunes. Now: - Thankfully, I don't listen to show tunes anymore. After my brush with being a theatre major, I have a severe allergic reaction to some musicals. The musical I camped out in nyc to see in its first season (Rent) I don't think I could stomach now. I still love old musicals like the Sound of Music and West Side Story, and I have a soft spot for Sondheim, but I am mostly an Ani Difranco/Indigo Girls/PJ Harvey/Bjork (and still S&G and Cat Stevens) person now. High School: - I was not studious at all. I did well enough in school, but was never really super serious about studying. I always read a ton, and my reading level was always way too high for them to know what to do with me, but other than that school was just school. Now: - I am still a student by choice, and in terms of the "studious scale?" Well, the fact I look forward to spending an evening or weekend just writing and reading, should answer that question. How much it means to me must be pretty obvious from reading this blog, I imagine. High School: - I was a major band nerd. I played in the town's municipal band, went to orchestra camp, taught private flute lessons, sat first chair and played solos (such as the piccolo solo in the Nutcracker). I actually wanted to be a professional musician for a while. Now: - I don't play my flute anymore. It's been years. And I really do miss it. I especially miss playing Mozart in the orchestra and playing marches on the piccolo in the municipal band. Marches were always such fun. Maybe I'll pick it up again some day and join a half-serious municipal band. High School: - I was a serious, super theatre geek. I lived and breathed technical theatre. My tech buddies and I (Ben, Kirk and Casey) could be found during study halls and after school in the theatre tinkering with lights and stuff. We carried pocket knives and flashlights everywhere (yes, that was pre-Columbine). We wore black, or jeans and theatre t-shirts all the time. All I wanted to do was end up lighting a show on Broadway. Seriously. Now: - Theatre is also something I left far behind. I did go to school for lighting design. I did a bunch of plays, even did some off-off-Broadway work. But, mostly I learned how much I disliked doing it professionally. Maybe I'll do community theatre some day. There was something about it I loved, and still do, just not nearly enough to make it a career. I predict conversations at the reunion will be comprised of questions about what I am doing now, and why. And I'm sure there will also be remarks about my hair being short. I always had very, very long hair. I think perhaps that was all most of the people I graduated with ever knew about me- that I had long hair, that I played the flute and that I wanted to end up on Broadway. These people didn't know me. They weren't even ever very nice to me. Maybe Jony and I will need a beer before we even get to the reunion... *from "Reunion" by the Indigo Girls on Swamp Ophelia.

posted by knit wit | 5/25/2005 04:32:00 PM

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