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knit me more time...
Thursday, June 09, 2005
"breath easy- you're in Maine*"

I'm in Maine now. I am so very, very sleepy that I don't think I'll blog much. My flight left at 6am, which meant getting up at 4am. My plan was to sleep on the plane, but for some reason I was wide awake so I decided to get some work done on my laptop inflight. I was literally the only person not sleeping. The guy next to me was snoring and I was typing away. I spent the day catching up on gossip, and finding out about the new buildings and things that spring up around time. On the way home from the airport we got lunch at my favorite place, Fat Boys and I thoroughly enjoyed my lobstah roll and onion rings. Fat Boys is right across Route 1 from BNAS (Brunswisk Navel Air Station) which was on the recent base closure list. Planes are still flying in and out but there is a much uncertainty about what the closure will do the the area's economy. And Bath Iron Works has cancelled its 3rd shift, and laid off some employees (and there are rumors that more will be laid off with each pay day). Its just very uncertain times around here. But, of course the Wal*Mart is expanding into a Super Wal*Mart-- Wal*Mart just thrives on hard times like these... I am so happy for the change of scenary. Whenever I have a chance to get out of Madison, I always need to sooo very badly. This time I am just feeling a little too frantic and less in control of everything on my plate the past couple days for my taste. Work has been crazy and finishing up all I wanted to slowed down a little with my swollen hands last weekend. It's always something, isn't it? I seriously need to lie in the cool sand on the beach tomorrow night for a little while (and the weather is beautiful so hopefully lots of stars will be out). The ocean, the sand, and the stars are just so focusing and grounding. Maybe I will try to do some more work before I go to bed? No, maybe I'll just do it in the morning. *This is on a huge poster in Portland airport. I must take a picture of it on my way back to Wisconsin. It is very new looking, but the family pictured in it looks like they have stepped out of the early 80s. Did I mention I packed my digital camera, but not the extra battery and charger?? Duh. I'll have to borrow my dad's and sister's while I am here...

posted by knit wit | 6/09/2005 08:37:00 PM

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