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knit me more time...
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
the end of a long day

Well finally I am sitting in front of my computer. Am I making copious notes from the meeting I had with my advisor today? No. Am I studying for the prelim? Nope. I am blogging before I go into bed? Yes. I have a tall glass of water and the apartment is cooling down to a nice chilly sleeping temp thanks to our wonderful a/c. I feel like I crammed a lot of stuff into today. And my brain is a little on overload. I worked a bunch of hours this morning and crossed a fair amount off of the work to-do list. I had that 2 hour lunch meeting with my advisor. I raced home from that to pick up my BBBS little sister. She got to pick dinner and a movie as her birthday was this past weekend. She picked out frozen pizza, ice cream and the movie White Chicks. Yes, folks, I watched White Chicks. I wouldn't recommend it by any stretch of the imagination, but it had a plot and was more interesting that White Noise. After my little sister (who turned 11 this Saturday) told me no one in her family really remembered her birthday, I found some b-day candles and made her go into living room while I stuck them in her ice cream. She made a wish and blew them out. Everyone ought to at least make a birthday wish with some candles. Especially an 11 year old. 11 seems like such a great age to be. Then, Jo and I raced off to an actual evening activity/social event! Yes, blog readers, Jo and I, the usual stay-at-home-types went out to see a presentation at Rainbow Community Bookstore by people from Bitch magazine and LiP magazine. It was really great. It is good to get out sometimes, I guess. Even when it means venturing down to State Street, parking and dealing with the crowds of diners and shoppers. So I think I might start getting up early to work on my own writing every morning. I know I tried this my first year, when I decided that I ought to be getting up at 5am and cranking out tons of academic writing. At the time that self-set standard crippled me for a very long time. This time the decision came more organically. I didn't even decide this because my advisor told me to write more (although I do remember her saying years ago that writing was what academics get paid for doing). I just think I need to be working on stuff more. I've been so caught up in the prelim that when I talked about my own work today it made me realize that I can't let myself get too far away from it. I guess I better go to bed now then. I'll start in the morning with at least typing up some notes or something...

posted by knit wit | 6/21/2005 10:06:00 PM

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