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knit me more time...
Sunday, June 26, 2005
the way we were

While we're on the topic of movies... tonight Jo and I were going to rent Suspect Zero (pay per view on digital cable) but of course, the digital cable kept giving us some kind of "system not available error." I seriously considered going back in my office to study instead of watching a movie, but good god, I can't spend 12 hours a day sitting in there! So we flipped around and found The Way We Were on AMC. I've never seen it (Jo had but it had been a while). I'm not one for romance movies. I am just not into them at all-- unless they have some kind of interesting plot (beyond romance as that alone doesn't count as an interesting plot), and are set in some equally interesting time period. This movie satisfied both those requirements. I loved the character Katie. I love the late 30s-40s and I love that the film was made in the 70s (it had that wonderful 70s feel but also the song Memories would drift in an out so often in a way they could only do in a 70s movies). So, I loved it. Yes, I actually loved (and maybe cried during) a romance movie. Now it is back to finishing up some studying before heading to bed. I think I have indeed reached the point where sleeping seems like a waste (but I know I need at least 7 hours or my mind can't function, and I know that keeping my body generally healthy is key) BUT I know tomorrow morning at 6am I'll wake up and instead of lying around drinking my coffee, I'll end up in here and try to get something done. Is there enough time? Have I done enough by this point? The hell if I know. If I think about it too much I'll loose it. My enemy and my friend is always thinking too much all the time. I just keeping plugging along. Its all about balance and movement. And thanks to Ang for the words of wisdom. They really mean a lot, Ang. (And I am taking you out to eat after this exam for putting together the gender prelim bible.) I'll bookmark that post and read it again sometime soon. Its good to know I am not alone in this insanity...

posted by knit wit | 6/26/2005 09:12:00 PM

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