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knit me more time...
Saturday, July 09, 2005

mornings: I've been setting the timer on our new coffee maker to wake me up early so that I can start working. But, this plan has been foiled every day this week by waking up with a headache. It then takes me 2 hours to get rid of the headache before I can sit down at my desk and work. The plan all along has been to not make myself physically sick over the prelim. It seems I have to work on that some more. evenings: Instead of the "after dinner walk" some people take, Jo and I have started taking after dinner canoe trips. Canoeing in the evening is wonderful-- it is cool, the sun isn't beating down on us, and there are tons of dragon flies and frogs on lilly pads to enjoy. the missing: I'm having a lot of dreams about the London bombings and 9/11. This morning I turned on the TV to see posters of the missing on BBC world news. That sick to my stomach feeling of sadness, that the missing weren't ever going to be found, came flooding back as if I was standing in the 4th street station again in September of 2001 all over again, looking at the missing posters plastering the walls. I am struck, though, by how calm and strong Londoners seem (at least on BBC news) as after 9/11 in the city nothing felt calm or secure. I wonder if it actually feels so calm in London. I wonder how New Yorkers seemed on TV after 9/11.

posted by knit wit | 7/09/2005 09:48:00 AM

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