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knit me more time...
Friday, July 08, 2005
shopping and going out...

Confession: for the last couple of days I feel like I have done more in the way of shopping and going out then studying. Unless printing, organizing my notes, 3-hole-punching them, and reading them on the bus counts. The day before yesterday when I got home from work we went out in search of a new coffee maker. We had to give up on the automatic grind requirement. It seems our cheapo Mill & Brew was the only one that had a grind setting (1-7) so you could set how fine you want the beans ground. Just 1 setting is kind of unacceptable-- different coffee and different people need different grinds (yeah, I did work in Borders cafe for a while). So, we ended up with a lovely Krups coffee maker. It doesn't grind, but it makes great coffee, and beeps when it is finished. So, we have to grind the beans in the morning. We'll live. We also stopped by Old Navy while we were out and I bought the most amazing pair of sneakers. And I just saw online that they have them in green. I might have to get those too, considering half of my clothing is green. Last night, we went out to the CD release party for No Camouflage. (Jo has a song on there.) We hung out there for a while, and listened to some of the music, although we left at 9pm. While some of the audience was great, we were both shocked that many people wouldn't stop talking while the speakers and performers were talking. I mean, it is a larger venue than Mother Fools (I've never seen such a rapt audience before), but presumably people were there for the anti-war CD release party as they paid to get in and got a copy of the CD. So, I don't know why people wouldn't shut up during the speech made by the guy from Madison's Veteran's for Peace. And they were even ruder during David Hart's performance. We left after that. Just going for David Hart was worth it- his spoken word poetry is so amazing. Other than that I felt like I was getting a headache from trying not to be pissed off at speaking talking too loud, and trying to strain to hear the speakers over the crowd. Unbelievable. So this weekend a ton of studying needs to happen. And another article draft? Is that possible? We'll see...

posted by knit wit | 7/08/2005 08:05:00 AM

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