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knit me more time...
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I may seem like I am doing okay, but really I am in a funk that I can seem to shake. I see the positive side of things- I know everything is a learning experience, and I am so thankful for support from caring people around me. I just feel kind of blue- thrown for a loop, beaten down a little, and just plum disappointed. I am so busy right now with doing a million detail-oriented tasks, and I am so grateful for that to keep me busy. I'll just keep plugging away and hope that this mood is just some passing phase. And I'm trying not to think of my work load for this semester (my job, coursework, stats exams, and studying for the prelim). When I think about that too long my head starts to spin and then I have to remind myself that I always get by and I always get things done. I usually love the beginning of the semester. I love new notebooks- maybe getting some of those will lift my spirits. I also need to clean and organize my desk. I feel disorganized and not in control of everything, so maybe that will help out.

posted by knit wit | 8/24/2005 05:42:00 PM

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