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knit me more time...
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
and now the summer begins...

Yeah right! I can take some time off- but I mostly just have a lot to do. But, in post-prelim land, at least I don't feel that constant tug of "ohmygod I can't be doing this, I have to study..." We spent well over an hour at the Half Price Books last night. I went in search of fiction to read. I wanted The Beekeepers Apprentice and they didn't have it. I looked at this one and almost bought it, but I couldn't decide if it looked good or not. I just couldn't make up my mind at all. Has anyone read it? Anyone read any other good mysteries/fiction? I did walk out with The Alienist, which I have always been interested in reading. And Jo wants to read it after me, so that will suffice for right now. I have to head into work soon. Today my new mini ipod will probably arrive. No, I didn't just buy it, my mom is getting a new ibook (no one should run a business on a crappy PC!!) and the ipod comes free with the ibook. She doesn't want it, and my very old 1st generation ipod is finally feeling its age and so she is giving it to me. Yay! I think waiting for prelim results is going to be terrible if I don't try to forget about it now. I couldn't sleep last night and I kept going through everything in my head trying to decide if it was good enough to pass. I go back and forth. I think something I did were great, but I'm not sure about other things. I also know I am way too hard on myself so I don't know how that clouds my judgment either. I honestly think I did my best with what I read and studied but I don't know if that is good enough*. Obsessing over it won't get me results any sooner so I think I'll try to stop thinking about it. After today though, as I know everyone I work with is going to ask me how it went. *'Good Enough' is a great song by Sarah McLachlan. Maybe it will be the title song of a new itunes mix for the rest of the summer. I think the mix I listened to over and over while I was studying needs to be retired.

posted by knit wit | 8/03/2005 07:47:00 AM

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