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knit me more time...
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
ASA: conference in a nutshell

127+: the number of awkward conversations I had with people I don't know very well mostly at ASA (this is what is truly exhausting about the ASA conference and why I spend tons of time with SWS) Countless: the number of conversations with wonderful people I knew before or had just met (mostly at SWS) 5: the number of section receptions I attended in 1 night (yes, I was reception hopping-- the theory reception had the best food and also the smallest number of women in attendance. that last part must change.) 4: the number of ASA sessions I attended (my strategy of only going to sessions where big name people I wanted to see were presenting worked out nicely) 4: SWS meetings attended 5: the number of presenters at those sessions and my sessions who didn't have their presentations ready (they read from papers- flipping through in a disorderly way, they ran out of time, had way too many powerpoint slides etc...) 2: the number of times I presented 0: the number of times I was nervous about presenting (after the prelim nothing is scarey anymore) 4: the number of times the hotel screwed up our bill (I have to call them in the morning b/c they still charged me the wrong amount) 4: hours spent reading next to my advisor while waiting for our flight to leave 3 hours late. 236: pages read in The Alienist. (I highly recommend this book.) 1.5: hours spent sleeping and listening to music on the airplane on the way back to Milwaukee. 2: yummy warm chocolate chip cookies eaten on the plane (although they didn't get alone well with my nearly empty stomach at 1am) 1.5: hours spent alternating between chatting and sleeping on the way from Milwaukee to Madison. 2am: the time I got home 3am: the time I fell asleep. (I was strangely wide awake as soon as I got into bed.) 8:30am: the time I got to work this morning 2: the number of hours spent in a v.i.p. meeting this afternoon. Feeling okay, supported, stupid, smart, overwhelmed, cared for, tired, and so much stronger all at once: Priceless. (that's grad school in a nutshell)

posted by knit wit | 8/17/2005 09:35:00 PM

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