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knit me more time...
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
one of those days

Yesterday was just one of those days. It was frantic- I wasn't ever in the right place at the right time and I didn't get half of what I wanted to accomplished. And on top of it all I was going on like 3 hours of sleep- insomnia. ugh. I stopped by financial aid on my way up the hill to work. Every year has brought new and different financial aid issues for me to spend the end of August dealing with. This year I have funding, but the financial aid office forgot to process one of the forms that I so carefully turned in before leaving for the conference last week. So, I had to make the guy at the financial aid desk call up to the correct office, and I waited until he heard that everything was going to be okay. Now I just need to keep an eye on that online. After that I walked up the hill to work. I checked my email, put my sandwich in the fridge, and sat down to get some work done. I barely noticed that no one I work with was in yet. I decided to call the on campus tutoring center for a recommendation. I knew they wouldn't be able to help me, but I figured they could point me in the direction of someone who could. Why? I figure that to get through stats and 2 prelim exams, it wouldn't hurt to deal with whatever testing anxiety I have that makes tests not measure what I actually know. I got some very young sounding (and kind of snarky) undergrad on the phone. I explained what I needed. She was totally missing my point and kept telling me that they had volunteer tutors that helped with testing anxiety. I asked who these tutors were, and she said volunteer undergrads. Yeah. Like an undergrad is going to be able to help me with my doctoral prelim exam anxiety. Right. I explained that wasn't even an option- how could an undergrad even begin to imagine such stress? She continued to not get my point and kept recommending undergrads to help me. I got off the phone as soon as I realized how very fruitless the call was. Then it dawned on me why no one I worked with was in yet (it was 10am already). The Dean's retreat!! I totally forgot that the big retreat was that day and had begun at 9am. I ran down the hill and joined everyone right smack at the end of the Dean's opening presentation. The rest of the day was spent doing some group activities, and talking about work that I could have actually been doing if I was sitting at my desk instead. After the retreat ended it was back to work for a couple hours of frantically trying to get something accomplished. I walked quickly down the hill to catch the bus (carrying a box of papers). The #5 bus came, I put down my box to get out my wallet, and looked back up and the bus was gone. He just drove off with a bunch of people standing there. We all started to run down State St. to catch him. Missing the 4:24 means waiting for the 5pm bus which really doesn't get me home until 5:50. So I ran. The #4 came up behind us and offered to give us a ride and to track down the #5. This was successful after following the bus and honking for what seemed like an incredibly long time. I mean, was the driver even paying attention at all? Finally I got home. I got some sleep last night. I have too much stuff to do today. Today will just have to be better, right?

posted by knit wit | 8/23/2005 07:41:00 AM

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