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knit me more time...
Friday, August 12, 2005
Yay for free hotel internet!

Not only can I check my email from here in Philly (who am I kidding- everyone who ever emails me is here!) but I can even blog from Philly, thanks to the free internet in our room! So I am here in Philly. The traveling this morning was really good for me. I can't describe it, but there is something about the movement of traveling- the state of being between 2 places and heading someplace that really helps to ground me so much. I even kind of like flying- that is when there are not screaming children, theatre troups, or people having loudly irritating conversations about fishing (yes, I endured all those things on various flights last year). Even flying on the very tiny plane that took me from Madison to Milwaukee today wasn't so terrible. Yes, it was the size of a minivan, but at least we were only in the air for like 10 minutes. And the guy behind me (all 8 of us were just so close to each other) kept cracking jokes like "hey- we all get both window and aisle seats!" I also got to listen to a conversation between a guy in an army uniform and a woman who befriended him by asking a lot of questions about where he was going and whether or not he was being deployed. He was being deployed- in the army reserve "to fill in and help out" in Iraq. This guy was literally a kid. Just like 19 or so, and all gung ho about being deployed. He explained his speciality was engineering-- "blowing up bridges and buildings." Great. The woman responded with "wow" and "oh- you are quite the young man" and a hearty "we're proud of you." It just made me incredibly sad to listen to them. Just so incredibly sad for this kid and others like him... and for those people who live in and near the buildings and bridges he prides himself in blowing up. I arrived in Philly and hooked up with Trina. After finding and then checking into the hotel we went to Philly's historic district for a little bit of siteseeing. Both of us are tired of going to cities and only seeing the freakin' hotels! We did a speed-through tour of the liberty bell, Independence Hall, and the Congress Building. All the history of where the Bill of Rights and Constitution was signed also just made me sad- all I could do was say "look at what Bush is stomping all over." What can I say, my day was somewhat about just feeling blue. But, I'm here, among some of the best people I have ever met. I have a couple presentations to get through, but nothing seems as frightening as going through the prelim. I even forgot all about that for about 4 hours this afternoon. It will be a good weekend, I swear!

posted by knit wit | 8/12/2005 08:10:00 PM

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