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knit me more time...
Thursday, September 22, 2005
the first day of fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors. I love how the humidity is replaced by a little coolness in the air, and how the air rustles through the leaves that are just turning crispy. I know, I am nuts that I love it when it gets cold. I am even so crazy that I love the winter. Snow is one of my favorite things (right up there with fall leaves, ice cream, and beer) and getting dressed to go out in the cold (turtleneck, sweater, down coat, scarf, hat etc...) is so much better than heading out the door in a t-shirt. Why am I posting about my love of the weather? (I could also mention how much I love thundershowers, but that one last night really kept me from sleeping.) Well, because everything else in my life seems so boring. I almost posted today about feeling caught up at work. Jeez. How exciting. I almost posted yesterday about the frustrating, irritating, and cryptic political science theory text I had to read, but that is even more boring than blogging about work. I nearly blogged about feeling stressed about needing to take care of my blood pressure, but I made a doctor's appointment and ate half a bag of salt & vinegar chips instead. See all that you're missing? All I have for you today is that it is the first day of fall and that I am dogsitting. I have high hopes for getting lots of work done this weekend. The end of September seems very close all of a sudden and there is so much I could get ahead on. How amazing is it that after being a student for, what, like 23 years, I finally figured out that getting work/reading done sooner than the night before/hour before class is a good idea? Anyway, I am always very productive when dogsitting for professors. Something about being in their space (and maybe out of mine) makes me able to accomplish more than usual. I did most of my data collection and analysis for my masters thesis while dogsitting for my advisor. Would it have happened otherwise? Yes- but it would have taken longer. Tonight, though, I have accomplished nothing. I woke up with a terrible headache about the same time the thunderstorm hit last night (at 3am) and thus got very little sleep. The headache lingered all day and made me generally grumpy at work. I left early. Now that the dog has been out and has been fed, I am looking forward to being asleep within the next 23 minutes.

posted by knit wit | 9/22/2005 10:07:00 PM

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