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knit me more time...
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
tripping over myself

I have this tendency to make things extraordinarily difficult for myself. So very difficult that I loose sleep over what ought to be a simple, tiny thing that I blow out of proportion. This week the aforementioned 750 word paper triggered this lapse in reason. It is like I trip over myself- I am doing fine and then I get so very caught up in something, and progressively make it more and more complicated and difficult that it takes until the very last minute for me to realize what I am doing. It isn't that this happens a lot- maybe half a dozen times a year. And I know I do this. It is so frustrating that I know when I do this, but only realize what I am doing when I am already way past the point of panic. Everyone else seems to know I do it too. On Monday when I was freaking out about the small paper, my mom IM'd me that I am probably just making it too difficult for myself. I called Jo and suggested to her that I was making things too difficult for myself and she just said "of course you are- what else is new?" I even stopped into see my advisor who also quickly came to the conclusion I was making things too difficult, as usual, and managed to simplify things for me. So how do I go about preventing this from happening again? How do I see it coming? It isn't that I am totally clueless about myself- I have learned all kinds of tricks for preventing and dealing with stress. I know I take on too much, but I am getting better at taking care of myself through everything. This just really stumps me.

posted by knit wit | 9/27/2005 05:47:00 PM

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