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knit me more time...
Thursday, September 15, 2005
where did the week go?

This week was just a whirlwind of busy- not only am I not yet used to my insane schedule yet (let alone the workload that goes with it), a whole bunch of extra functions were added to the week as a Very Important* scholar visited our department. While I couldn't care less about Britany's baby or someone else's breakup with some country singer, this was person I really was looking forward to being about to meet and talk with. And talk with him I did! I drove him to a potluck, and found myself chatting extremely comfortably with him- we talked about all kinds of things, not even just sociology. I'm sure not every famous academic would spend so much time with grad students, but he was incredibly generous with his time. I talked his ear off about my past and future research, and then sat there and watched him read through one of my papers- thinking "oh my god- is he really reading that? is it crap? did I get his theory wrong?" After a quick read-through we talked about the paper, and then the next day I got another email filled with advice after he had read my paper more thoroughly. Unbelievable. That, added to work and everything else made the week exhausting. I came very close to falling asleep in a chair in the corner of the potluck I went to. I got some work done last night, listening to Bush's public-relations-motivated speech that Jo was watching in the living room. Interesting how they had power in downtown NO for his speech, and then took all the generators away afterward. The speech was such crap- like he cares about racial inequality. All his nice sounding plans for the Gulf region? They just sound nice- but really it will be a huge conservative social engineering project. Nice houses and neighborhoods that poor (African American) people won't be able to move back in to, and a nice profit for Haliburton. No nice speeches can take away the fact that there were 3 days when supplies could have been dropped in and people could have been rescued by the federal government and they weren't. At least this makes me feel somewhat better. My plan for this week? Read a couple books, and try not to leave the house. Oh- but the department potluck is Sunday. There go my plans to be a hermit the whole weekend! * "Very Important" in the sense that if there were a "holy trinity" of gender scholars, this guy would be one of them. One of his books would be one of the 3 major books in soc of gender (along with this book and of course, this book).

posted by knit wit | 9/15/2005 07:59:00 AM

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