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knit me more time...
Sunday, October 16, 2005
(I would walk 500 miles)*

I'm sorry for my infrequent posting. This semester is flying by, and every day I think "do I have anything worth blogging about? Any funny stories- interesting insight?" and I come up with nothing. Nadda. This semester is filled with tons of uninteresting things such as memorizing statistics equations, reading hundreds of papers for the last 2 seminars I will ever take, writing reaction papers I wish to god I didn't have to write anymore, and cranking out posters and website updates at work. So here is what I can scrape together for you today- for this (now weekly) blog posting... -- I finished my 2nd Mary Russell book this week (A Monstrous Regiment of Women). Even though I am only reading on the bus, I am flying through books right now (I have to slow myself down while I am reading- thanks to grad school I now read too freakin' fast to enjoy fiction). I can't recommend this book (and the one before it) highly enough. Until someone recommended these to me (called them "feminist mysteries" as I remember) I had no idea that there were mysteries with amazing characters, great plots and intelligent feminist themes and references to feminist texts and history. Oh I just love these books- I can't even stand it. I am ready to read the 3rd now- or maybe I should pause from flying through this series right now to read the The Angel of Darkness therefore stretching out the Mary Russell series as long as possible? -- I've been dog sitting this weekend. And Jo has also had her own dog sitting job on the far west side of town. Between these 2 (overbooked) responsibilities and taking care of our own cats, we have spent the weekend running around and now haven't seen each other for 2 days. And yesterday I lost my wallet for about 20 hours. What a pain not to have a wallet! I have been fortunate never to have permanently lost one before (and Jo ending up finding my wallet in our car later on last night). My original plan was to take the bus back and forth to our place to take care of our cats yesterday. Without my wallet I was stranded without a bus pass, without an ATM card, and without cash. But it was a really beautiful fall day, so I thought walking there would be good for me. Well, it turns out it is about 3 miles each way. So I walked A LOT. And while I am used to walking around campus, this was far more than I ever do in a day. And then I had to walk the dog- a far slower a walk than what she would have liked. *Oh and I thought of the title of this post while walking yesterday. Remember that early 90's song? That really irritating one around the same time that Ace of Base was popular? Yikes. I don't even want to waste the time googling it to remember who it was (alright- I googled it and it was The Proclaimers and there they have a greatest hits cd!). The song reminds me of when I used to drive to the Maine Mall with a long-lost friend, Shannon, who used to want to go there for the purpose of sitting and checking out boys. I remember being so beyond bored with that. Okay that's all I have for you.

posted by knit wit | 10/16/2005 09:23:00 AM

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