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knit me more time...
Saturday, October 29, 2005
I'm back.

Yes, folks, I'm back. I have good reason for not blogging for the past couple weeks, I promise. Last week Jo went in for a routine mammogram, and then a suspicious lump sent her in for an ultrasound. We were laughing and joking with the ultrasound technician right up until the radiologist walked in and said it looked like cancer- then we stopped laughing. They scheduled Jo for an immediate biopsy and we found ourselves in one of the counseling rooms at the Breast Clinic talking about frightening things like stages, treatments and pathology results. It was all a pretty big shock to the system to say the least. We spent that weekend zoned out watching reruns of America's Most Haunted on the Travel Channel. Monday Jo went and had the biopsy. After a week of alternating between trying not to panic about breast cancer, panicking, and reading up on breast cancer treatment and stages online, we finally found out the results. Benign. We are both so very, very, very relieved. We were too exhausted from the week of stress to go out to celebrate, so we ordered a pizza and stayed home and watched a movie. Do radiologists get paid to scare the hell out of people? I suppose it is good for them to be on the safe side. At least a result of all this we are finally doing the legal stuff we never did before. So this weekend things are settling back to "normal"-- getting some school work done, studying for the upcoming stats exam (study group tonight and tomorrow), and going to a potluck tomorrow night. Oh, and Fitzmas was yesterday (a term I witnessed the birth of in the DU last week)! We have been obsessed with the CIA leak investigation. While I wanted Cheney and Rove indicted yesterday, I will settle for Libby and an ongoing investigation. A white house filled with crooks and criminals is sure to bring themselves down. And having a straight-shooting guy like Fitzgerald heading the investigation gives me a glimmer of hope that there is some part of our system left that can put the Bush Crime Family away. ... and I took a big leap and ordered this book from amazon.

posted by knit wit | 10/29/2005 04:50:00 PM

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